Are You a True "Flash" Fan?

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This quiz is here to test how good of a Flash fan you may be. Only trust Flash addicts will be able to ace this test.

  • 1
    What is the main characters given birth name
  • 2
    When the particle accelerator exploded it had given an animal medahuman abilities, name the Grodd. What kind of animal was he?
  • 3
    In the article Iris West wrote, what did she refer to Barry Allen as?

  • 4
    Cisco Ramon had built a freeze gun, what criminal had stolen it?
  • 5
    What city is S.T.A.R. Labs in?
  • 6
    What crime was Barry's father wrongly accused of and put in jail for?

  • 7
    Barry had attempted to kill the reverse flash, but was unsuccessful. Who actually destroyed the reverse-flash?
  • 8
    Barry had a friend Oliver Queen AKA The Arrow who happened to also be a protector of what city?
  • 9
    Evil villain the trickster had been in prison for how many years?
  • 10
    Who was Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) descendant of?

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615 days ago
Question 9 is most definitely 15 years he even says it. And in question 2 you spelled meta human wrong
623 days ago
The question wasn't deep enough
754 days ago
thats jacked the trickster said i had 15 yrs to come up with the perfect trick my mona lisa my breaking bad season 5 and question 10 is eobard thawne
1049 days ago
Some dude is right
1145 days ago
For question 10, I think you mean Eobard Thawne(Reverse Flash), not Leonard Snart