The Kids Are Alright Trivia

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Trivia about The Kids Are Alright ABC

  • 1
    How old is Joey Cleary?
  • 2
    What song does Timmy sing for his audition?
  • 3
    Which two Cleary boys went on a practice date together?

  • 4
    Who does Timmy try to imitate in the episode "Valentine's Day"?
  • 5
    Which poem did Timmy copy in "Timmy's Poem"?
  • 6
    Who said this line? "She's a day in the park in spring!"

  • 7
    Which Cleary was drafted?
  • 8
    Who was #7 on The Love List?
  • 9
    What was the name of the champagne Eddie had in "Peggy's Day Out"?
  • 10
    What fake name did Timmy use at the Fotomat in "Microwave"?

  • 11
    What disease is Pat afraid of getting in "Pilot"?
  • 12
    What city in Canada has William always wanted to see?
  • 13
    In "Nine Birthdays", what fake name does Timmy receive on his fake ID?
  • 14
    What age range can Timmy play according to his headshot?
  • 15
    What's the name of the hamster Pat had?
  • 16
    What did Timmy use from the Church as a ping pong paddle?

  • 17
    What type of performer does Joey deny he is when talking to the owner of the magic shop?
  • 18
    Who was Joey helping to cover up an accident when he breaks the table?
  • 19
    What does Timmy get diagnosed with in the hospital?
  • 20
    What did Frank buy from the store that he was not supposed to?

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