The Kids Are Alright Trivia #2

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Another TKAA quiz 💓

  • 1
    What is the correct order of ages (oldest-youngest)?
  • 2
    Finish the line: "She had a lot on her plate, _________"
  • 3
    What president does the show refer to multiple times?

  • 4
    What are the three things Eddie bought from the pharmacy?
  • 5
    What comedian does Timmy impersonate for Talent Night?
  • 6
    What is the address of the Children's Theater?

  • 7
    Where did Mike and Peggy "buy" their gift for Peggy's brother?
  • 8
    What is Mike's sisters name?
  • 9
    Who said this line? "Names are just labels, man."
  • 10
    What did Peggy say would be called a mental illness in another time?

  • 11
    What restaurant coupon did Frank win for his penmanship?
  • 12
    What prayer did Father Dunne and Mike recite together?
  • 13
    Who does Joey say he wouldn't let cut him open if they became a doctor?
  • 14
    What did Timmy say to add to a firecracker to make it blow up?
  • 15
    Fill in the line: "Enjoy your ______ pizza, you morons."
  • 16
    What did Joey say to scare William when he was looking at the burnt out firework?

  • 17
    What game were William, Joey and Timmy playing when the ceiling lamp in the dining room broke?
  • 18
    What comic is Joey reading in the tree house in Nine Birthdays?
  • 19
    When is Timmy's birthday?
  • 20
    What phrase does Timmy copy from Joey in Valentine's Day?

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