The Kids Are Alright Quiz 2

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These are quotes that our Cleary family members could conceivably say.  Can you guess who could say each?

  • 1
    "Don't even think of criticizing my driving.  I only run over people on purpose, but in your case I can make it look like an accident.  Who would even suspect me of trying to hurt one of my own kids?"
  • 2
    "Kathy Petrillo won't even kiss me. Maybe if I hot-wire her lips, I can get them to open and work like they should."
  • 3
    "Why won't you eat this lettuce? It's been sprayed with the best pesticides money can buy. "

  • 4
    "Eddie, I'll talk to you as soon as I can slip past Sr. Vincent. "
  • 5
    "If Sr. Vincent's your problem, I can easily make her disappear. I do a great impression of her boss, the Reverend Mother. I'll call her at the convent and tell her to pack cause she's going to Cleveland...Agreed?... Okay. That'll cost you ten bucks, twenty if I have to stay on the phone for more than 3 minutes."
  • 6
    "I finally won the Perfect Conduct Award! I think I'll celebrate with a nice glass of milk, but I'll remember to wash the glass out when I'm through because I don't want Mrs. Strausser to think I'm a hooligan like Joey."

  • 7
    "The theater is producing the show GREASE! I can get the lead if I practice hard enough for the audition!"
  • 8
    "Tell me what's on your mind, Fiona. Confessions were going to be my specialty."
  • 9
    "Joey, can you get a hold of a nun's habit so I can sneak into the convent and see Wendi? You can?...How much? Twenty bucks? But I've only got two tens hidden away."
  • 10
    "Mommy, do I have leprosy? My hand feels loose."

  • 11
    "No, Pat, leprosy was eradicated from this part of the world many years ago."
  • 12
    "I've already got a nun's habit stashed in my "office." It came in handy when I needed a disguise to give the school secretary the slip on my way out of school to go to the bowling alley. For 5 bucks extra, I'll hand deliver it to you. Satisfaction guaranteed."

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