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How much do you know about the popular TV show the Originals and The Mikaelson Family?
Time to find out!

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    What other popular TV show is The Originals a spinoff of?

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1003 days ago
Kol is older then Rebekah ,Rebekah is the youngest of them all
1098 days ago
@Lakecia 1001 AD is the 11th century
1098 days ago
sorry there is supposed to be a space between rebekah and no
1098 days ago
kol is older than rebekahno offence but don't ask question if you don't know the RIGHT answer
1229 days ago

They were born in the 10th century, and turned in 1001 AD (11th century)
1538 days ago
You are wrong the Mikelson's was turn in the 10th century. If they were turn in the 11th they would have been dead.
1635 days ago
You are wrong kol is older than Rebekah as stated in episode 14 of season 3 on the originals
1702 days ago
i got 8 out of 10
1809 days ago
you spelt Hayley Marshell wrong and Davina and Camille O'Connell
2237 days ago
#3 Kol is older than Rebekah as stated 3x14 of TVD. And you forgot Henrik who is the youngest.

#7 Klaus stayed because he had history in NOLA and wanted to be King again. The baby was only a means to help do so.

And you spelled Hayley's name wrong.
As well as Davina. And Camille O'Connell.