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The Sopranos Fan Quiz (Seasons 1-3)

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Test your Sopranos knowledge to see if you are a true fan! These questions are from the first 3 years.

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    Where do the Sopranos live?

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1851 days ago
Bobby wasn't divorced..he was a widower.
2739 days ago
# 20:

Bobby Bacala is...

Sorry, you didn't choose a correct answer. Right answer: Divorced with children

This is wrong. Boby was never divorced, his wife was in a car accident and died after which he married Janice until he was killed in the blue comet so he never divorced at all!

10) In Season 1 when Tony was experiencing side effects from beginning medication, what was the name of the Russian Stripper who he tried to get to dress up like Dr. Melfi? She refused saying she was not a “whore”.

Sorry, you didn't choose a correct answer. Right answer: Sveltka

THIS is wrong too, the one he tried to dress up like Dr. Melfi was his goomar, Irina Pelstin, http://sopranos.wikia.com/wiki/Irina_Pel tsin
2888 days ago
It was irena. Not svetka Im not a whore tony. Look it up.
And bobby bacala was never divorced. His wife was killed in a car accident. Then he married janice. So he was married 2x with children. I jnow more bout the sopranos then David Chase !!!