How much do you know the Vampire diaries?

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Do you know anything about the Vampire diaries if so take the tests?

  • 1
    Who is the killer out of the vampire brothers?
  • 2
    Which of Elena's friends is a witch?
  • 3
    Who at first is always bullying Elena, Bonnie and Meredith?

  • 4
    The necklace bonnie got why is it so important?
  • 5
    Why do the vampire brothers hate each other?
  • 6
    Who looks a lot like Katherine?

  • 7
    Damon loves Elena but his brother Stefan is already going out with her what does Damon want to do to get Elena for himself(read the book to find out)?
  • 8
    If you read all of them what are all the names of the books?
  • 9
    What are the last books in the series called?
  • 10
    What are the names of the main characters in the vampire diaries?

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860 days ago
iI'am done now I'm watching the original
1132 days ago
This is a quiz of the books
1150 days ago
number one ,who is Meredith????????
1241 days ago
don’t worry guys i haven’t even met Meredith yet so i don’t have a clue. if anyone wants to get to know me feel free to contact me or give me a wee call :))
1255 days ago
Ok, im the only one who didnt remember Meredith?
1324 days ago
Stefan no matter who old u get are sexy
1528 days ago
Everyone needs to chill. The quiz is based off of the books not the movies. In the books, meredith is one of the main characters and best friends with elena and bonnie and caroline was there friend, but she became there enemy somehow. I cant remember exactly
1539 days ago
I'm watching them on Netflix
1656 days ago
Everyone needs to stop freaking out this is so obviously about the books, either you’ve read them and you know or it takes a quick google search
1661 days ago
U made question 5 wrong the boys didn’t kill each other they got shot whilst trying to save Katherine Damon hates Stefan because he mad him turn
1666 days ago
Meredith?? Who is that?
1809 days ago
wait who is Meredith?
1809 days ago
the question with bonnies necklace is wrong because its not to burn vampires
1827 days ago
Its about the frickin book, if you guys were actual fans you would still know this, put 2 and 2 together
1834 days ago
Um.i have a question about number 5 cuz neither of them died from swords from each other it was for. Them being shot trying to help Katherine escape
1933 days ago
The Quiz is about the book,not tv show,and in the book Meredith was Elena's and Bonnie's best friend and Caroline was also their friend but then I don't remember what happened but they become enemies suddenly.Sorry for bad english.
1942 days ago
Okay this is test is so wrong who the hell made this, the fandom is upset
1967 days ago
Your questions were off lol Meredith wasn’t even introduced until season 3 she isn’t a main character. Meredith was that nurse.
2659 days ago
Who is Meredith? Elena and Bonnie was never bullied by Caroline, she was always their best friend. Elena doesen't look a lot like Katherine, they look the same. Stefan and Damon doesen't hate eachother, only Damon hates Stefan in like season 1...? What is this quiz? Try to at least have some right answers...
2695 days ago
Who the frick is Meredith