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What to say about The Walking Dead? The show has produced some unforgettable moments in its long run. The one where baby Judith was born? Ha! Forget natural childbirth! The one where Bob's leg was cannibalized? Umm, ugh! The one where Rick showers and shaves after the group arrives at Alexandria? Yum! The one where Carl was eating pudding on the roof? Adorbs!
Sorry if we disclosed any spoilers for people who haven't seen every episode, but you get the idea. This is a powerful show. It might be winding down a bit now, but in its heyday, you were hard-pressed to find anyone who didn't yearn for Sunday nights on AMC.
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Are You A True Walking Dead Fan?

Are You A True Walking Dead Fan?


The Walking Dead Quiz


Walking Dead Quiz

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253 days ago
There's 11 seasons of the walking dead.
1032 days ago
I didn't like this AT ALL
1562 days ago
mick and teay wher michonnes pets thanks you need to wath the walking dead more EMMA
1616 days ago
Who are Michonne’s walker pets?
1690 days ago
what is negan's favourite food?
2093 days ago
Lol I did not like the quiz((purple)
2093 days ago
Please watch my video of me reakting
To the weird qiuzziesEnter
2093 days ago
What was I doing to my self
2159 days ago
(replying to comment below, even though it is old as can be) Carol didn't die but they still had a grave for her in Season 3
2345 days ago
i love these quizizz there so fun and i am a true fan
2777 days ago
Carol is not dead so there would not be a flower on her grave. I did have jenny as mMorganswwife's name
2841 days ago
This is a awfall quiz