The Walking Dead Quote Quiz (Season 1 and 2)

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  • 1
    No, not the ones they put down. The ones they didn't, the walkers.
  • 2
    When Rick says: 'Grateful.' who responses with: 'The day will come when you won't be.'
  • 3
    You don't get to do that. To, to come into somebody's life, make them care, and then just check out.

  • 4
    You can tell that to the frogs
  • 5
    I give it to you, not that you may remember time but that you may forget it.
  • 6
    Carol says: 'You did more for my little girl today than her own daddy did in his whole life.' Who was she talking to?

  • 7
    Secrets make you killed. I'd rather have you pissed off at me and alive than liking me and dead.
  • 8
    Haven't you done enough?
  • 9
    It ain't what it was before. Now, if y'all wanna live, if y'all wanna survive. You gotta fight for it.
  • 10
    Selfish? Listen to me olive oil, I was out there, looking for that little girl every single day.

  • 11
    I was a fool Rick.
  • 12
    There is no hope, and you know it now, like I do. Don't you?
  • 13
    Cause ain't nobody's hands clean in what's left of this world. We're all the same.
  • 14
    I'm not gonna let you pull away. You've earned your place.
  • 15
    I don't think you can keep them safe.
  • 16
    We don't kill the living

  • 17
    Heaven is just a little lie. And if you believe it, you're an idiot.
  • 18
    So the answer is to kill him to prevent a crime that he may never even attempt?
  • 19
    Sorry brother.
  • 20
    Good thing we didn't do anything stupid like shoot it.

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