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30 Questions on The Walking Dead Seasons 1-5

  • 1
    What is the name of Morgan's Wife?
  • 2
    Who is left handcuffed to the roof of the Department Store in Atlanta?
  • 3
    What does Daryl use to frighten Miguel during their Interrogation?

  • 4
    What did Andrea get her sister Amy for her birthday?
  • 5
    Who gets left by the side of the road under a tree before they head to the CDC?
  • 6
    What did Rick use to break the window at the CDC?

  • 7
    Who accidentally shoots Carl in the stomach?
  • 8
    What frightens the horse that Daryl's riding?
  • 9
    What did Hershel keep in his barn?
  • 10
    Who goes to rescue Lori who has gone looking for her husband?

  • 11
    What does Beth try and commit suicide with?
  • 12
    Who is left behind when the group are forced to abandon the farm?
  • 13
    Where does the group stay after fleeing the farm?
  • 14
    What does Daryl put on Carol's grave?
  • 15
    What is the name of the Governor's daughter?
  • 16
    Who tells Andrea to assassinate the Governor?

  • 17
    What does Michonne get for Carl in the café?
  • 18
    What does Rick give Andrea in her last moments?
  • 19
    What name does Lizzie and Mika give to the walker?
  • 20
    Who killed Karen and David in the prison?

  • 21
    What does Lilly ask the Governor to get for her father?
  • 22
    What does Beth have for her first alcoholic drink?
  • 23
    What does Carol tell Lizzie to look at before shooting her?
  • 24
    What are the group forced into at Terminus?
  • 25
    What does Carol use to blend in with the Walkers and remain undetected?
  • 26
    Where is Beth when she wakes up after being taken?

  • 27
    Who ambushes Daryl and Carol at the parking garage in Atlanta?
  • 28
    Who kills Dawn at the Hospital?
  • 29
    Who is the Leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone?
  • 30
    Who is Executed by Rick on Deanna's command?

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2029 days ago
Question number 28 is incorrect the right answer is Rick.
2580 days ago
Daryl didn't use merles severd head merle dosent Die for ages
2613 days ago
But he thought she was dead but then she came back
2626 days ago
Daryl didn't really put anything on Carol's grave....Carol is still alive.