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This is a quiz on 50 episodes of Victorious.

  • 1
    In the first episode, who told Tori normal's boring?
  • 2
    In "The Bird Scene" how many attempts did Tori do of the scene?
  • 3
    In "Stage Fighting" who fakes a black eye?

  • 4
    In "The Birthweek Song" Tori's gift to Trina was a what?
  • 5
    In "Jade Dumps Beck" who does Jade get jealous of?
  • 6
    In "Robarazzi," what does Cat become obsessed with?

  • 7
    In "Survival of the Hottest" or "Trapped in an RV," who leaves the gang behind in Beck's RV?
  • 8
    In "Wi-Fi in the Sky," Trina runs into what famous celebrity?
  • 9
    In "Beck's Big Break," Robbie has nightmares about who?
  • 10
    In "The Great Ping Pong Scam," Robbie orders an expensive item which is what?

  • 11
    In "Cat's New Boyfriend," who used to date her boyfriend?
  • 12
    In "Rex Dies," doctors believe that Cat is what?
  • 13
    In "The Diddly Bops," who gets offered a record deal but gets denied?
  • 14
    In "Wok Star," which former Drake and Josh star makes an appearance?
  • 15
    In "The Wood," Jade and Tori destroys whose car?
  • 16
    In the episode where the gang makes a film, who gets all the credit?

  • 17
    In "Sleepover at Sikowitz," who stays in character all night?
  • 18
    In the season 2 premiere "Beggin' on Your Knees," Tori dates Ryder Daniels only to find out he does what?
  • 19
    In "Ice Cream For Kesha," Tori is Trina's what?
  • 20
    In "Tori Gets Stuck," Tori gives Robbie blood...

  • 21
    In "Prom Wrecker," Jade gets mad at Tori for booking the prom on her what?
  • 22
    In "Locked Up," Robbie accidentally kills what?
  • 23
    In "Helen Back Again," who leaves Hollywood Arts?
  • 24
    In "Who Did it to Trina," who cuts her rope causing her to fall?
  • 25
    In "Tori Tortures Teacher," Tori believes that her teacher is sad because she took him to a what?
  • 26
    In "Jade Gets Crushed," who falls in love with Jade?

  • 27
    In "Terror on ----- Street," what is their float?
  • 28
    In "A Christmas Tori," who gets a D on a christmas song that this person wrote?
  • 29
    In "Blooptorious," who is the host?
  • 30
    In the season 3 premiere of Victorious, the episode is based on which 1985 classic?

  • 31
    In "The Worst Couple," who breaks up?
  • 32
    In "Cat, Rain, and Fire," Jade, Cat, and Tori drive to San Diego to put a candle where?
  • 33
    In "Tori and Jade's Playdate," how do they get rid of the boys who bother them at dinner?
  • 34
    In the April Fools day episode, who/what does not make an appearance?
  • 35
    In "Driving Tori Crazy," what song does everyone sing at the end?
  • 36
    How did Trina get into Hollywood Arts?
  • 37
    In "Crazy Ponnie," Ponnie was played by who?
  • 38
    In "The Blonde Squad," who gets asked out only because she is blonde at the moment?
  • 39
    In "Wanko's Warehouse," the store is having a what % off sale?
  • 40
    In "Opposite Date," who goes on a fake date?
  • 41
    In "Three Girls and a Moose," who likes Moose?
  • 42
    In "Cell Block," is it the boys or girls who go more time without their phone?
  • 43
    In "Tori Fixes _______ and _______," who gets back together?
  • 44
    In "1000 Berry Balls," Robbie kisses Cat. True or False
  • 45
    In "Robbie Sells Rex," how much is Robbie offered to sell Rex?
  • 46
    In "The Bad Roommate," Andre writes his song where?
  • 47
    In "Brain Squeezers," who gets hurt on the game show last?
  • 48
    In "The Slap Fight," who has the most followers at the beginning of the episode?
  • 49
    In "Star Spangled Tori," what happens to Tori as she sings the "Star Spangled Banner?"
  • 50
    In the last episode of Victorious, Sikowitz tells the students that they have to go all day saying what word?

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