True or False Victorious quiz

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Welcome to my True or False Victorious quiz! Here I will ask you some questions and how much you know about it.
We’ll see how much you know about Victorious! <3

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    Did Tori get into Hollywood Arts for singing “Make it Shine?”
    Did Tori get into Hollywood Arts for singing “Make it Shine?”

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1003 days ago
Sorry person peopleson I did not mean to waist your time
1007 days ago
sorry! I meant -i-d-i-o-t-s and -c-r-a-p-
1007 days ago
Also, stop catfishing people @#Laterhater, we are not 🦄, and I honestly can't believe I am wasting my time with this 🦄
1007 days ago
Okay, so-called Victoria Justice, if it's really you, then how come you said you were filming if the entire show of VICTORiOUS already stopped filming?
1015 days ago
Hello there ''
ithnk she is telling the trutth
1015 days ago
Guys lets stop this faddodling cause i pretended to be laterhater when I am actually teenagerstuvk at home
1015 days ago
1015 days ago
Hi My sister Chloe Is Immy and she is so silly
1015 days ago
Hi I am missunderstood my sister is not actually Teenager stuck at home . So ok
1015 days ago
Hi i just want to say . I tink she obv lying . Btdubs that it just my opinion
1015 days ago
Hello Many of you probably know me as #Laterhater and for some reason some people are saying that as well as being #Laterhater I am also Teenager stuck at home! Right now you may see a comment saying that I am Teenager stuck at home and the truth is that I do not have any proof that I am not but If you would trust me I am not teenager stuck at home! So to settle this please send comment saying yes for if you think i am and No if you think I am not
Once again
1015 days ago
Hi This is the person who pretended to be victoria Justice but I know my sister is teenager stuck at home . OK
1017 days ago
My real name is a disguise . You will never know
1022 days ago
Hi What is your real name
1022 days ago
Hi Emma!!!! My sister who is really teenager stuck at home . OK I WAS PRANKING YOU GUYS I AM NOT REALLY VICTORIA JUSICE ...... OK
1027 days ago
It is me I promise . And her favourite food is Hot dogs so Yeah it is me
1030 days ago
if shes victoria then im santa claus
ho ho ho
(shes lyng btw and im not santa if you cant see what im saying)
1031 days ago
Okay we will ask you a question that only she would know!
What is Her favourite food?????????????????
1031 days ago
cellianerigentsin do you actually believe her?
1032 days ago
She is really Silly for thinking that we would believe Her