How Much of an X Phile are You?
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How Much of an X Phile are You?

Test how much of an X - Phile you are!

Question 1:What do you think of Mulder not being in Season Nine?
Don't care
He will be sorely missed.
It sucks, and you will kill anyone who dares to say they're enjoying the season.

Question 2:What do you think of Doggett?
He's better than that idiot Mulder
He's okay, I suppose - likeable
He sucks! Get rid of Doggett! Bring back Mulder!

Question 3:Chris Carter decides to kill Scully off; do you...
Not care; you hated her anyway.
Send Chris Carter a letter bomb - vengeance for poor Scully

Question 4:If you went to Vancouver, would you...
Stay in your hotel room all day?
Look for the locations where the X Files was filmed?
End up getting arrested for breaking into houses that were once used to film the X Files?

Question 5:The best writer(s) are...
Whoever wrote Surekill!
Hmm, don't know...
Morgan and Wong are - except for maybe Chris Carter and David D - AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!!

Question 6:A restaurant you were booked at for dinner is full and then David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter turn up; not wishing to let them down, the staff give them your table. Do you...
Throw a tantrum and demand those idiots be removed from your table?
Agree to wait until a table is free, and nervously go up to them and ask for their autographs.
Stride boldly up to their table, insist on sitting with them and ask them loads of questions?

Question 7:You're staying at a remote house in the country, when the X Files stars turn up at your door lost, asking to use the phone. Do you...
Turn them away?
Invite them in, and offer them a drink?
Lock them up so they can be YOURS forever! Muahahahaha!

Question 8:What's your favorite episode?
They all suck
Hard to choose...
A true X Phile doesn't single it down to one - BOW AT MY FEET, MORTALS!

Question 9:How many times have you seen Fight the Future?
Never, never, never!!!
Up to 10 times
I watch it every day! I've lost count of how many times I watched it!

Question 10:What's on your walls?
Pictures of Buffy, Angel, Roswell - anything but The X Files
A few X Files posters, and a few other things
X Files stuff as far as the eye can see!

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