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Think you're an X-Phile? Think you know your show? This fan test, popular in the online Phile community, challenges your knowledge on three levels from far too easy to oh-my-gosh hard ones for all the X-Files fun! Enjoy!!

Question 1:Month, day and year of Fox Mulder's birth?
October 13, 1961
November 21, 1960
October 15, 1958

Question 2:Month, day and year of Dana Scully's birth?
October 13, 1961
Febuary 22, 1963
Febuary 23, 1964

Question 3:Which one of our heroes has studied outside the US, and where?
Scully, in Cambridge
None, you fool!
Mulder, in Oxford

Question 4:What was the first (historical!) thing Mulder ever said to Scully?
'Sorry, you're mistaking me for someone you would actually like to work with!'
'S'cuse me, can I get some more coffee please?'
'Sorry, nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted!'

Question 5:Which main X-Files character is a veteran?

Question 6:In which episode did Krycek first appear, and who portrays him?
Sleepless/Tom Braidwood
Sleepless/Nicholas Lea
The Host/Rodney Steiger

Question 7:In which episode did Skinner first appear, and who portrays him?
Pilot/Mitch Pileggi
Little Green Men/Nicholas Lea
Tooms/Mitch Pileggi

Question 8:In which episode did the Cigarette Smoking Man first appear, and who portrays him?
Abduction/Mitch Pileggi
Tooms/Jerry Hardin
Pilot/William B. Davis

Question 9:In which episode did Marita Covarrubias first appear, and who portrays her?
Biogenesis/Sheila Larken
82517/Zoe Anderson
Herrenvolk/Laurie Holden

Question 10:Name the most hated and most dangerous chickadee of Mulder whom we met in the course of the series, the actress who portrays her, and the first episode she appeared in.
Diana Fowley/Mimi Rogers/The End
Kristen Kilar/Perrey Reeves/3
Syzygy/Angela White/Kim Greist

Question 11:Which episode had Skinner sleeping with a prostitute without him knowing it?
The Post-Modern Prometheus

Question 12:In which episode did we first see Scully do an autopsy?
Miracle Man
Fallen Angel

Question 13:Which episode presents us a groggy Mulder in a luxurious hotel room wearing black silk boxers?
This Is Not Happening

Question 14:Which episode has Scully taking a sample of Mulder's (and two other men's) stool?
The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas

Question 15:In which episode do we learn about Krycek's heritage, and what heritage is it?
Piper Maru/Czech

Question 16:Which episode has a drugged Mulder singing a movie theme?
Bad Blood

Question 17:Which episode from what season begins with a bug guy dying?
Memento Mori/Season 4
The Jersey Devil/Season 1
War of The Corprophages/Season 3

Question 18:Who of the main characters has a tattoo? Name character, tattoo image and body part.
Scully/Ouroboros/lower back
Mulder/Smoking Alien/upper thigh
Scully/Red Snake/butt

Question 19:Which character left a message written with their own blood before they died, and for whom?
Deep Throat/Mulder

Question 20:In which episode did our heroes travel to Europe, and where?
Dod Kalm/Norway

Question 21:What was the name of the first person we ever saw dead on the show?
Billy Pangborn
Karen Svenson
Eugene Tooms

Question 22:In which classic episode did Mulder save Scully from a make-out session with a cult member? Name episode, cult, and member.
Gender Bender/The Kindreds/Brother Melvin
Gender Bent/The Kindred/Brother Marty
Gender Bender/The Kindred/Brother Marty

Question 23:Mulder's first informant in the course of the series approached him just after Mulder had finished doing what?
Going to the loo
Drying his hands
Washing his face

Question 24:With how many bullets did Scully shoot Mulder? Name number of bullets, episode and the character who was at the scene as well.
Three/The Blessing Way/The Thinker
Four/Paper Clip/Melissa Scully

Question 25:Which main actor of the series has played in a Hong Kong movie- inspired series?
David Duchovny
William B. Davis
Nicholas Lea

Question 26:In Small Potatoes, Scully said that if she could turn into anyone she wanted, she would be who?
Scarlett O' Hara
Eleanor Roosevelt
Marie Curie

Question 27:If you wanted to see Gillian Anderson topless, what movie would you watch?
The Mighty
The Turning
The Red Shoe Diary

Question 28:Name the movie Mulder was sleeping through when Eugene Tooms entered his apartment in the episode Tooms.
Rear Window
The Fly
The Thing

Question 29:Mulder went on vacation to what place that has a personal meaning to him? Name site and episode.
Graceland/Never Again

Question 30:Mulder once requested a song by a deceased artist from someone who claimed they could summon up the souls of dead people. Name song, artist, the psychic character, and the episode.
Yesterday/The Beatles/Max Fening/Max
All Along The Watchtower/Jimi Hendrix/Luther Lee Boggs/Beyond The Sea
My Way/Frank Sinatra/Donald Pfaster/82517

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