How well do you know albertsstuff?

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Hey! Are you a fan of albertsstuff? Well let's see how well YOU know him!

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    Does albertsstuff play roblox?

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1856 days ago
This is so inaccurate
1857 days ago
Lolololol u dont know alberts at all the answers are not good and he doesn't hack lol what is this
1857 days ago
these questions and answers were completely inaccurate and silly lol
1857 days ago
Hello ma'am, would you help me find my son, His name is Samuel
1858 days ago
dammit, im used to watching his "flamingo" Channel instead of his old channel, albertstuff. So I don't really remember most of them. Ive known him since I was in year 4 (10 yrs-9 yrs old) and it is a shame that albert doesn't post videos on his old account :CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC
1860 days ago
This was not accurate, first of all number 5.....he used to but not anymore. Second of all 7 should be yes because he did swear sometimes...and he used to swear but not anymore on his new channel. Third of all 12 should be yes because he plays with Jake (Jayingee) all the time. fourth thi ng is 10..Yes he does
1863 days ago
Hey am John do u guys play roblox? xD
1865 days ago
Irene, he curses in his channel AlbertsStuff still. But he doesn't curse in his other channel, Flamingo.
1868 days ago
This was inaccurate. The person who made this probably isn't a fan themselves.
1869 days ago
He does curse in his old channel and HE DOES NOT ONLINE DATE HE STOPS ONLINE DATING!!!!!!!!
1870 days ago
update this most of the answers are wrong
1870 days ago
This is very old. This is not good this is trash
1874 days ago
IM A FREAKIN HUDGE FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and girl with a big heart 2 he does online date on roblox but it's only to troll so he sorta cheats on his girl friend!
1877 days ago
Number 14 is silly because he doesn't cheat on his girlfriend
Why making a quiz if you don't know him
1878 days ago
this quiz is silly. most of the answers are freaking wrong. dont make a quiz if u dont know anything about him.
1879 days ago
Albert doesn't use face cam He ones live with his GF He does NOT use Hacks He Colabs with Jake 90% of the time
1885 days ago
Ps, I read most of the comments, and someone spelt “Right” as “Rite”. Just wanted to point out their mistake to help them have better grammar. You’re welcome, “someone u dont need to kno” I feel like I’m big help 🙂 NOW, for real, Bye.
1885 days ago
Hey, I’m back. I have come back to tell my mistakes. I just noticed how ignorant the person who made this is. I can’t beleive how “Stupid” I was, too. I even noticed that they spelt the word “Friend” as “Freind” ... VERY ignorant, hey? But, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but I’m just telling the truth. Go ahead, fight me. Fight me for telling the truth. Idc, rly. Now, I shall go on with my life because I have better things to do then this sort of thing, you know? So, bye.
1886 days ago
ALBeRts voice is FUNNY
1886 days ago
Guys, chill out. This was a very old test made in 2016. He has changed very much over the years, okay? And, some of you people MAY be right. I’m sorry if I offend some people but, who cares if the person was wrong?! This is just a little quiz, not meant to be taken seriously anyways. Also, 💑, so many people care about little mistakes in a quiz... Gosh.