Ultimate Annie LeBlanc Quiz

Hey! I’m a massive Annie LeBlanc fan and know practically everything about her. You must be a fan, too, or why else would you be here?:-) So anyway, I made this quiz to test how well other fans know her. All these things I’m asking, I already know. 😂 Enjoy, and always remember to celebrate life! 🆑🥔😭😇🌎

  • 1
    OK, let’s start with a SUPER easy question:
    What are Annie and her siblings' full names?
    OK, let’s start with a SUPER easy question: What are Annie and her siblings' full names?
  • 2
    What’s Annie’s favorite number?
    What’s Annie’s favorite number?
  • 3
    Which is the most-watched Bratayley video?

  • 4
    Annie and Caleb had two best friends who were twins, Sydney and Luke (I’m also obsessed with them). When is their birthday, which twin is older, and by how much?
  • 5
    What did Caleb pass from?
  • 6
    Going out on a limb here, but you might know:
    At what time did Caleb pass?

  • 7
    Who are Annie’s closest friends?
  • 8
    Who said, "Don’t get blood on the wooden floors“?
  • 9
    What did the Bratayleys do on Caleb's death anniversary in 2017?
  • 10
    Who does Annie do Snapchat with the most?

  • 11
    Last one: What are the names of Annie’s three main ships?

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276 days ago
Your welcome annie leblanc. We love you❤❤❤
431 days ago
Hi I think you're amazing I live in Pretoria can you please try and organise a show here cause I would really enjoy seeing you
977 days ago
979 days ago
I thought Caleb passed away at 7:08
990 days ago
Annie and Hayden are great together but now there making cannie
990 days ago
Love annie!! ❤️
991 days ago
i love u annie much i love ur songs
1008 days ago
sydney and luke were born on the 27th
katie leBlanc said dont get you blood on the floor
1028 days ago
Caleb actually died at 7:08 pm! It wasn’t even an answer on the quiz!
1034 days ago
Yes 10/11 yay I love Annie I am her biggest fan I love her so much
1046 days ago
This quiz was fun I love it
1047 days ago
I got 1, 2, 10 and 11 correct. 10 was too obvious for me.
1047 days ago
Wai, were the ships Hannie, Cannie and Jannie ??
1047 days ago
I miss Caleb. I just began watching Bratayley around 2 or 3 weeks ago so I was like, “ who’s Caleb ” in the beginning. When I watched a video from years before and I saw Caleb, I was crying tears of joy ! “ Caleb ! ” I said in my mind because I wanted to hear what he was saying on the video. I miss you Caleb.
1047 days ago
Annie I love you 😘 and I watch you all day long and fake nails were your last or what are you wearing now
1048 days ago
On Caleb’s birthday they went to see his bench than went to the creek where they found the car that had the number 77 and they went home and threw a birthday party.
1050 days ago
1055 days ago
I hop i am Related To Annie Leblanc
1063 days ago
Hi,super fan i'm annie leblanc thank you for you support and celebrate to life smack smack annie
1063 days ago
omg!! i totally ship hannie