How Well Do You Know Aphmau's Mystreet?

Do you think you're a true fan of Aphmau? Well, YOU aren't, but I AM. Haha! I thought that would get your attention!:-) I challenge you to take my quiz and see how close you are to being a TRUE fan like me. Test your knowledge of Mystreet now!

  • 1
    How many of her episodes are parts?
    ( ______ Part 1, ______ Part 2, etc.)
    How many of her episodes are parts? ( ______ Part 1, ______ Part 2, etc.)
  • 2
    Why does Aphmau get the biggest bedroom?
  • 3
    Who did Kawaii~Chan ship with Aphmau?

  • 4
    On which day was the first Mystreet video posted?
  • 5
    Who voices Dante and Zane?
  • 6
    On which day was Aphmau born?

  • 7
    Where was Aphmau born?
  • 8
    Aphmau's Wattpad username is:
  • 9
    What is Aphmau's real name?
  • 10
    Who is Aphmau's favorite fictional character (or "Senpai")?

Comments (50)


50 days ago
dumb aphmau isnt nice,she's horrible!! im new here so listen to me!i mean how could you all
love her
50 days ago
hey guys, what's up!! I'm the real Aphmau and i love you all!!!!
215 days ago
Whoops. I tried to make my comment purple but i think I failed
215 days ago
I got 9 out of ten! I'll take it! I got 1 question wrong, I won't say which one 'cause I missclicked. *Future me: Keep telling yourself that.* XD
254 days ago
Also why does my name (at least on my screen) look like F00lishF0 x27? lol Its supposed to look like F00lishF0 x27! Hehe lol :)
254 days ago
Yay! 10/10! I looovvveeee Aphmau! Also GUYS MyStreet Season 7 IS CONFIRMED!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! TIME TO CELEBRATE! :)))))
254 days ago
Whatever. I don't care. >:)
254 days ago
Be nice TheOnlyUltima. Sorry Aphmau IRL. Please forgive my crazy bro. And yes he is actually my brother. He uses the name TheOnlyUltime everywhere. lol ;)
271 days ago
Plus how would people have gotten 10/10 first try if the questions were false? LOL!
271 days ago
Hey Aphmau IRL, Ummm I don't think you are the real Aphmau because all of these questions are true. Maybe your just a fan thinking of another MyStreet Series, this test is only about MyStreet Season 1. Also you spelled test wrong. You spelled it "text". Another thing Aphmau say or mention that she's the real Aphmau. So... yea. Anyways if you are the Aphmau aka Jessica, uhh well hi I guess. (Also having your name be Aphmau IRL it's just... It's so abvious your not the real Aphmau! LOL! Also I'm not trying to cyberbully, Just giving my honest opinion and thoughts.) Byyyyeeeeee
282 days ago
I just did the test again. It is still not correct. BTW my fictional senpai is actually deku from my hero academia. Please update! 😃
282 days ago
Hi, this test is false. I am Aphmau, but I got only 6 right. Please fix your text thx 😊
291 days ago
I got 10/10 first try!
514 days ago
I got 7/10, I am not that great at this, but Please make more quizzes, your really good at it.
676 days ago
I got 6/10. I just don't really pay attention to those things!
1311 days ago
on my first try I got
10 out of 10!!!!I am so happy!!!!! I love aphmau !!!!!!!!!!!YAYyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😀😄🤗☺️😊🙂🙃😮😮😮🤯🤯🤯🤯
1456 days ago
OH MY IRENEEEEEEEEE best aphmau quizzz evah
1470 days ago
I have the biggest crush on Ein and Blaze because they are so cute.
1536 days ago
6/10 D:
1538 days ago
When Angels Fall anyone??