How Well Do You Know Denis Daily? Quiz

Denis is a YouTuber who's quite famous, actually. He's never really all that negative, and just loves enjoying his life the best way he can. Like most of us, really.:-) So how well do you know Denis? Find out now! Try this quiz I created for fans - or sorta fans!

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    Which of these is Denis's pet?
    Which of these is Denis's pet?

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31 days ago
Im feeling good how about someone else?
31 days ago
Hello how are you im good what about you?
130 days ago
I love denis great quiz.
155 days ago
I need help to learn more about denis. He rocks!
212 days ago
i watch denis every single day
231 days ago
denis has not been on yt for 17 years.....sir mewos alot and denis daily
245 days ago
10/10 I watched his first roblox video, first mine craft, I'm so happy he moved to Vancouver because i live there too! I think this was kinda easy tho
247 days ago
I got them all right cause i have watched all his vids.
248 days ago
*cuz roblox is my FAV game
248 days ago
Denis is the best youtuber i ever watch but he quit roblox but i cant just stop watching him just because he quit roblox cuz roblox is my game but yeah i still have to support him :D and dont stop watching him or i wil 🐬 kill yah UwU jk jk lol
248 days ago
Oo not bad i guess i got 7 out of 10 xD lol
258 days ago
cool someone else did a coment d:
265 days ago
ita not that hard i got a 7/10
278 days ago
I got 4/10 Grrrrrrrr
294 days ago
this qiz is hard kinda i started watching deniss this year
but i allredy love his vidioes.
310 days ago
im a true fan i just bought all of his merch
312 days ago
Denis dad how have you met Denis I haven't
313 days ago
Oh. I have actually met denis in real life!(
317 days ago
This quiz is COOL and FUN! Anyone have anymore quizes that they like? Let me know and ill check them out!!!
Good day,
332 days ago
This hairdressers is cookbook cooooooollllll