How Well Do You Know Denis Daily? Quiz

Denis is a YouTuber who's quite famous, actually. He's never really all that negative, and just loves enjoying his life the best way he can. Like most of us, really.:-) So how well do you know Denis? Find out now! Try this quiz I created for fans - or sorta fans!

  • 1/10
    Which of these is Denis's pet?
    Which of these is Denis's pet?

Comments (397)


401 days ago
I love Denis I watch him all day even now love ya Denis btw on Roblox obby paradise I'll make a obby for u!
428 days ago
Yo bruh this quiz was ez I watched him since 2016 so I got 8/10
461 days ago
Im feeling good how about someone else?
461 days ago
Hello how are you im good what about you?
560 days ago
I love denis great quiz.
585 days ago
I need help to learn more about denis. He rocks!
642 days ago
i watch denis every single day
661 days ago
denis has not been on yt for 17 years.....sir mewos alot and denis daily
675 days ago
10/10 I watched his first roblox video, first mine craft, I'm so happy he moved to Vancouver because i live there too! I think this was kinda easy tho
677 days ago
I got them all right cause i have watched all his vids.
678 days ago
*cuz roblox is my FAV game
678 days ago
Denis is the best youtuber i ever watch but he quit roblox but i cant just stop watching him just because he quit roblox cuz roblox is my game but yeah i still have to support him :D and dont stop watching him or i wil 🍦 kill yah UwU jk jk lol
678 days ago
Oo not bad i guess i got 7 out of 10 xD lol
689 days ago
cool someone else did a coment d:
695 days ago
ita not that hard i got a 7/10
708 days ago
I got 4/10 Grrrrrrrr
725 days ago
this qiz is hard kinda i started watching deniss this year
but i allredy love his vidioes.
740 days ago
im a true fan i just bought all of his merch
742 days ago
Denis dad how have you met Denis I haven't
743 days ago
Oh. I have actually met denis in real life!(