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Before YouTube came on the scene, fandom was mostly limited to superstars - athletes, singers, musicians, actors - and to a lesser degree, TV hosts, journalists and a few activists and scientists.
We say, BOR-ing! Now, YouTube makes it possible to be a fan of some truly unique and interesting - and unlikely - quasi-celebrities. Like the incomparable ItsFunneh...the bizarre Jack Septiceye...the precocious and talented JoJo Siwa and Annie LeBlanc and more...all YouTubers who might never have become famous but for the reach and popularity of social media.
Whoever you're a fan of on YouTube, there's a quiz or quizzes you can take in this section to test how super of a fan you truly are. If you're like us, you probably have way more than one. So you'd better get started!

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83 days ago
Iamsanna is my favourite YouTuber but when I press on the quiz nothing happens
213 days ago
i liked the gender quiz because it told me my real gender
386 days ago
I got 10/10! Good job everyone! ❤️

Penguin and Leah Ashe lover
386 days ago
BTW Leah if you see this I love you! Also your dog Astro is so cute! Bye! ❤️❤️❤️

Penguin and Leah Ashley lover
643 days ago
where's peanutbuttergamer?
1052 days ago
I love gaming and quizzes about gaming
1138 days ago
I smashed the test about azzyland comment below me if you did the test and scored well and let me now how many you scored justput Katy I scored ……...
1192 days ago
I love the SOTY family and completed the quiz completely successful.
1194 days ago
1194 days ago
Where Is Family Fizz? Or Grace's World? Or The Haschak Sisters?
1194 days ago
there is no actual good youtubers
1205 days ago
6 out of ten not that bad
1228 days ago
im here to just win
1232 days ago
Do Skeppy,A6d,BBH, or some Hermitcraft members!!
1267 days ago
Guess wut👌�👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
1269 days ago
OMG I can not believe I 10/10
1271 days ago
no i dont want to write a comment
1274 days ago
jefrees not even on hereeeeeeeeeeee
1274 days ago
Somebody make a false symmetry quiz pls
1282 days ago