Which Krew Member Am I?

You love them whether they're playing Roblox, Minecraft, Human Fall Flat or whatever. I'm talkin' 'bout The Krew! You no doubt have a favorite member - but which one are you the most like? Funneh, Gold, Draco, Rainbow or Lunar? Take this test and find out now!

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    Who do you want to get?
    Who do you want to get?

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20 hours ago
I got gold! yay but i wanted funneh
22 hours ago
4 days ago
I wanted lunar i got gold i still like her she is fashionable
5 days ago
I got funneh :D :D ;D
8 days ago
I got the leader :DDD
10 days ago
draco serously i wanted lunar im not even a man like wth atleast i love chipps lol
15 days ago
I got leader funneh! I also want to get lunar, and rainbow, I love art, I’m also kinda a perfectionist, and I love being leader! Why can’t I be all three!?
But overall it was super good!
16 days ago
Im gold i wanted lunar though
17 days ago
I GOT FUNNEH AND I'M SOO HAPPY SHES THE ONE I WANTED undefined and it makes sense I am kinda the leader in my friends group I guess and I'm mostly the most humorous and competitive one so yeah it makes sense
17 days ago
am sassy gold >:( wanted to be draco :(
18 days ago
22 days ago
I was Gold I'm kinda like Gold but I wanted Rainbow but I did not get him.
22 days ago
I was Gold I wanted Lunar though.
23 days ago
I’m the leader, funneh! My fav!
24 days ago
This is how well do you know them! Not which krew member are you!!!
24 days ago
ugh i keep geting lgold and draco : (
26 days ago
I got Gold. She's my fav
28 days ago
30 days ago
i got funneh shes my fav
30 days ago
yesssss i got lunar (tip, skip through it to get lunar)