Which Krew Member Am I? Quiz

You love them whether they're playing Roblox, Minecraft, Human Fall Flat or whatever. I'm talkin' 'bout The Krew! You no doubt have a favorite member - but which one are you the most like? Funneh, Gold, Draco, Rainbow or Lunar? Take this test and find out now!

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    Who do you want to get?
    Who do you want to get?

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3 days ago
i know most people got gold
4 days ago
i tried again and then i got draco! Im not happy
4 days ago
Hi it’s me kat and I got myself to tho it’s ok if you think I’m the worst but don’t say that try to be kinder :): LoVe you guys
6 days ago
I wish i got rainbow or funneh but i got gold im not even sassy :(
11 days ago
OMG! Gold! guys its actullay gold!
11 days ago
Hi! Its me i of course got myself on the test! And uhh funneh the worst? How dare you!
11 days ago
I WILL NOT TAKE THIS QUIZ. Because my sister FUNNEHDABEST loves krew but i HATE it. Stop watching this.
11 days ago
undefined i did this quiz to my dad he was like i dont know on everything and guess what he somehow got RAINBOW that just mindblow
11 days ago
i wanted lunar so bad cuz i like purple and have her persornality but i got draco and i didnot want him though. :(
11 days ago
i tried AGAIN and got gold i used my seconed chocies i would pick but...i got gold agian
13 days ago
i wanted funneh sooooo bad! But i got gold/kim. i dont match her personality. LIKE AND SUBSRIBE TO KREW!!!!!!
20 days ago
I was hoping to get rainbow but I got gold but I still like gold all of the krew members are awesome.
26 days ago
I GOT FUNNEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lunar and Funneh make me laugh the most. Draco is just something special. And gold is the sass QUEEN!! Rainbow is the dad of the krew with all her dad jokesundefined
29 days ago
I keep getting draco
but I guess draco is OK I like him but lunar is my favourite krew member
Lunar and Draco make me laugh 🤣
29 days ago
I got draco but I was hoping for lunar but I don't mind having draco
43 days ago
I GOT FUNNEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
52 days ago
This Identifies as....Are U A True Fan Of Krew?
I wanted Draco but Gold is pretty nice (I chose nothing about her I chose what Funneh and Draco likes)
56 days ago
So , i chose more parts of draco and lunar , but i got gold. I chose nothing about her and i got her? Its not like i hate her but i was expecting for me to get Draco or Lunar. I think the owner had an mistake.
69 days ago
i got gold this is the 4th test i took! 1st one was funneh/kat! 2nd was lunar/winny! 3rd was rainbow/betty! 4th is gold/kim! sadily no draco/allen
76 days ago
But i am sassy and snazzy tho