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How Well Do You Know JustJordan33? Quiz

If you've been following JustJordan33, you know by now that she's a ton of fun and lives to make her followers laugh! Waiting for her next vlog is torture, right? Anyway, how well do you know JustJordan33? Take my quiz and find out now!

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    In 2018, Jordan was 18.
    In 2018, Jordan was 18.

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97 days ago
Jordan I really love your channels can you make some more girls I love the YouTube family especially you and Andre all around Audrey thank you I love you
276 days ago
I love Jordan soooooooo much and I would love to play among us with them sometime!
312 days ago
I love this quiz. I am a big big big fan of the whole family an I also love taking quizzes about them too. This is a great pop quiz!😀
326 days ago
Hi I love this quiz.😀😀😀
329 days ago
I got 12 correct me and Jordan are Basically twins
338 days ago
I got 12 at of 15 i love jordan i love her intier fam and i am even a germafob just like jordan i say gnasty i am a soper fan i have been waching the ever sens they started youtube. i am only 9 i love you Joordan.
382 days ago
405 days ago
Hi I’m a huge fan can you put this in a video and tell me what it is called and say hi to your family for me
406 days ago
i am your huge fan in my life
422 days ago
I only missed 2 in now her so well I'm a huge fan
440 days ago
hi jordan i am a huge fan
444 days ago
Hi guys I am doing a vid do you want to say hi
447 days ago
You do know me you are a real fan
447 days ago
omg i know Jordan so so so well i got only 2 wrong
450 days ago
Hi guys it is me Jordan and I wanted to let you know you are awsome a kind thanks for all the subs bye
490 days ago
Hey Jordan I know you as well as you know yourself also you are my favourite youtuber((
498 days ago
I am your biggest fan jordie i got 15/15 correct awnsers
498 days ago
15 out of 15 that’s what I got
506 days ago
I got 14 out of 15 😆
516 days ago
I got 14 out of 15. Of them!!!! I don't know how i got them wrong?🤔 btw love. You Jordan so so so much!!!!! Biggest fan ever. Literally love her so much i want her to do fan mail vids. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤