How Well Do You Know LDShadowLady? Quiz

You must really like LDShadowLady or you wouldn't be checking out my quiz!:-) So how well do you really know her? I'm her number one fan (and created this quiz especially for my fellow fans.:-) Test your LDShadowLady knowledge now - see how much of a fan you REALLY are!

  • 1
    What is LDShadowLady's favorite color?
  • 2
    What month is her birthday in?
  • 3
    What color was her hair in 2015?

  • 4
    What is her boyfriend's name?
  • 5
    What is her cat's name?
    What is her cat's name?
  • 6
    What did she call the people who watched her Shadowcraft series?

  • 7
    What was her series of turtles named in her Minecraft single-player series?
  • 8
    Who inspired her to play video games?
  • 9
    Where was her first job?
  • 10
    What's her real first name?

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294 days ago
Funny hahaha I love LDShadowLady yay yay yay

Your the best LDShadowLady
447 days ago
Also please dont pretend to be me, i mean her, Im sure she loves her fans but wont rlly like people pretending to be her, therefore causing false hope of others. Thank you and bu bye
447 days ago
Shhhhhh, i am not making a video about this totally, i was never here…
457 days ago
I love lizzie I even made her a theme song,this is her theme song,
ldshadowlady lets go were're waiting for you to upload ldshadowlady lets go were shadows cates yay
649 days ago
Hi. LDshadowlady is my favourite Youtuber and I really wish I could meet her. :[ :(
858 days ago
I love dantdm so much dantdm is the best go check him out!!!!!!!!!!!
858 days ago
858 days ago
885 days ago
I love you LDShadowLady. I’m your BIGGEST fan!
898 days ago
I love LDShdowlady, I watch every video she uploads since like, 2016-2017, but I got 5 correct, like what?!
938 days ago
Hey guys thank you for participating in this quiz bye!
954 days ago
958 days ago
That girl named lizzie in the chat IS NOT LDSHADOWLADY
1085 days ago
Hiiiiii I luv ldshadowlady I am her biggest fan and I am a subscriber I luv her so much and her vids make me laugh and brighten up my day!
1111 days ago
ohhh..hiiii I am so happy u guys support me soo much I love u guys!
1210 days ago
Say me if u like Lizzie people
1210 days ago
m Ldshadowlady’s biggest fan I’ve watched her since I could remember luv u Lizzie ❤️ I really wish I could meet her
1238 days ago
I loooove Lizzie she is the best
1238 days ago
I like this quiz sorry if you failed your still cool btw I love you Lizzie
1551 days ago
we are LDshadowLady's biggest fans! We met her at Minecon. We send her fan mail and she met Joel at a game fest. We r not haters, but you are definitely not her biggest fan if you don't know things about her. Ugh