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This quiz is about one of my favorite gamers on YouTube her name is Amberry 😊!

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    Who is Amberry boyfriend?

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494 days ago
On the Olive question in real life I’m pretty sure that olive is not Amberry’ daughter bc in her first appearance on the channel it says that
‘ this is olive she’s my daughter ‘ in the game and I’ve seen a olive face reveal and she looks like she’s 10 or 8 and Amberry is 24 but ik olive is 4 or 5 on Roblox
643 days ago
692 days ago
Phoebes 21 today. It’s her birthday today
692 days ago
I mean mother. I don’t know what to write about it’s saying my message is too small if it’s just the I mean mother bit I’m going to see if it’ll send now
693 days ago
I mean amberrys 24 not olive
693 days ago
Cee cee has not done a face reveal ethier oh well I’m sure she’ll do one in the future when she’s ready I hope they do a face reveal all together
693 days ago
There’s an Argument going off wether olives amberry daughter I googled it and it’s says on famous birthdays and famous that amberry is olives daughter irl I thought maybe the websites wrong but it says it on two websites it might be just a coincidence but it seems like it wouldn’t be since two said it. poppy sounds just like olive poppy isn’t real though if olives really real what if she voices poppy and herself or maybe it’s just a voice changer it sounds more likely to be a voice changer bc as far as i know she hasn’t leaked a pic of olive online yet but maybe amber and rich think she’s too young to be shown online bc she does have this toddler voice it might be just a voice changer but I don’t think so forgive me if I’m wrong. It’d be cute if amber did have a daughter called olive and there nothing on their about poppy so I think it’s a voice changer like it may be olives or it could be olive posing as poppy. Also did you know olives 24 and pheobe 20 when they did a face reveal I thought they were 15 or 16. They’ve got an older sister called cee-cee as well
1017 days ago
common gurl that makes no sense is you enjoying NO BECAUSE YO ENGLISH
1213 days ago
Olive is not her Real daughter lol ❤️ And she once did a collab with comfy Sunday