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Hoo hoo hello it'sa me Mario, Can I sing a song for you?

No Mario go away. Hello people! I am an SMG4 fan (seriously I am)

So guys here we go! The ultimate SMG4 quiz!

  • 1
    In the video Mario Carnival released earlier this year what is the ultimate prize in the prize section?
  • 2
    How many years ago did Meggy join the SMG4 universe?
  • 3
    In one of the videos, SMG4 is about to fall off a rooftop and Mario "attempts" to save him he has something in his hand, what is it?

  • 4
    Bob is one of those characters who just love themselves but just doesn't get much attention at all but what does he love most and what did he do one time to get himself money?
  • 5
    Tari (a pro gamer) claims that she's not good at sports even though she beats Meggy in a shooting game in Mario Carnival video. Is this correct?
  • 6
    The Guy behind the camera who is editing and making spicy memes for the video is the man who is SMG4 we all know SMG4 is from the mushroom kingdom but where is the guy who is secretly SMG4 from?

  • 7
    War of the Fat Italians 2018 was always special and at the end SMG4 and Mario was forced to fight each other because they were being controlled. Mario was controlled by Waluigi so who controlled SMG4?
  • 8
    SMG4 created a video about Super Mario Maker 2 releasing but what the video called?
  • 9
    Mario wears red and blue and Luigi wears green and blue so what colours do SMG4 wear?
  • 10
    Last question, gonna be a hard one. What year did the SMG4 channel get created?

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