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How well do you know Dream?

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Do you think you know Dream very well? Well! You're about to find out. Take this quiz:)

  • 1
    When is Dream's birthday?
  • 2
    What was the result of his love language test, (what did he get)?
  • 3
    Who drew his Minecraft logo? (the picture that's added)?
    Who drew his Minecraft logo? (the picture that's added)?

  • 4
    There's been written a bunch of fanfictions about this male. one of them, really blew up. what is the correct answer?

    TIP: George & Sapnap have read it.
  • 5
    Dream has a cat. what's the cat's name?
  • 6
    Is his cat a girl or a boy?

  • 7
    Dream is obviously rich. and he has spend a lot of money on his cat. what's a thing he bought?
  • 8
    In the month of June (2021), Dream tweeted a lot of things. what was one of those things?
  • 9
    Who are Dream's best friends?
  • 10
    Dream said in one of George's streams (from a while ago), his two favorite songs. what were they?

  • 11
    What is Dream's height? (according to the site HealthyCeleb)
  • 12
    Did you enjoy my quiz?

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