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Love him or hate him, there's no one else quite like PewDiePie. Since you're here, we're going to assume you love him. But why, exactly? Is it because you thrill to (as Chris Reed of The Wall St. Cheat Sheet called it) his "off-the-cuff running commentary characterised by goofy jokes, profanity, and loud outbursts"?
Or maybe you are into PewDiePie because he's politically incorrect? Or perhaps you just crave that brotherly feeling he gives off when he's playing a game, like he's right there with you? Whatever you think about him, you have to admit it's pretty amazing a college dropout who partly financed his YouTube content by working at a hot dog stand is now (according to Time magazine) one of The World's 100 Most Influential People.
So anyway, you've arrived at our PewDiePie quiz category. Whether you're in his Bro Army or have no clue who this potty-mouthed Swede is (his real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellber, btw), welcome! We have some good tests here for you, including an "Ultimate" and one for "true 9-year-olds." (Huh?) But we could use some more, so if you've got something unique to add, we'd love you to create a test of your own. Hope you like the quizzes!

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Pewdiepie fan quiz

Pewdiepie fan quiz


PewDiePie's Minecraft Series


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903 days ago
pewdiepie is daddy :D
1198 days ago
Sub to Jaffaman 04 too
1198 days ago
1373 days ago
You: Subscribed to Pewdiepie!

1457 days ago
im the president of the united states of america and pewdiepie will be great agian JUST KIDDING IM NOT DONALD TRUNP LOL
1475 days ago
we lost the war! all 9 year olds will be always in my heart!
1537 days ago

Please sub to PewDiePie
1574 days ago
Did u know you know that PewDiePie is actually going to be on your soon he announce it on the FBI
1574 days ago
I have never watched PewDiePie's vids but I think he is cool because he has a lot of subscribers hi peeeewwwdiiiieeepiiieee BTW Boo t-series I don't get why people want to watch it
2514 days ago
how it going bros my name is peeewdiepie
2514 days ago
i like pewdiepie moue