PopularMMOs quiz

So how much do you know about this Minecraft YouTube sensation? Think you know more than I do? Take my PopularMMOs quiz and find out right this very minute! Good luck! Not that you'll need it because you know heaps about all this stuff, right?:-)

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    What's his real name?
    What's his real name?

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1841 days ago
Wow 10/10 first try :)i cannot believe it
1848 days ago
I done this test a million times already and i haven't got 10/10 yet... \_(°-°) _/
1860 days ago
Keep the effort up pat i will love to see more fortnite videos.
1862 days ago
I love popular mod #pat
1864 days ago
pat jen i was playing fortnite and i was 1 place
1864 days ago
pat jen you wont belive it i was playing and i was first place
1865 days ago
1870 days ago
I got some wrong because I’m taking this in 2018 he currently has 9 seasons of epic proportions
1871 days ago
9+10=21 is right, there is a illuminati fact, it's true... So people who knows this is smart not dumb riversipi! >:)
1872 days ago
I love his channel so much
1879 days ago
I love
1883 days ago
Hey, 10 plus 9 equals 19. all of you are just dumb who clicked 21,. The person who did the 21 question is probably really dumb. I am not being mean, I am just trying to tell the truth
1884 days ago
I love you guys so much and I watch you everyday. I am your biggest fan and I hope I get to meet you someday.
1886 days ago
You are my fav YouTube's channels . I've watched you guys for 1 year .you so awesome suase.
1888 days ago
Hey guys, love your videos!
1888 days ago
love you guiesssssssssssšsssssssssssssssss im your nuber 1 fan
1888 days ago
Loved this!👍
1891 days ago
I got all correct pat I really want to see you in real life I live in singapore Blk 28 Ghim Moh link address 06-276 I hope you visit me one day and I am a YouTuber by the way
1891 days ago
pat i love your video's some you and jen are the best youtubers i've ever watched by the way #JEN IS DA KILLER!!!!!! 🔪🔪🔫🔫X_X
1892 days ago
Jen is his wife not girlfriend 😡