That Youtub3 Family Quiz

How much do you know about this fun adventures family? They're amusing and amazing to watch! Whether you've caught only a couple of episodes or relished every single one of them, I'm betting you'll find this quiz really fun! Try it right now!

  • 1
    What is their dog's name?
    What is their dog's name?
  • 2
    What is Audrey the queen of?
  • 3
    How does Jordan like her slime?

  • 4
    What is Jake and Ty's YouTube channel called?
  • 5
    Does Jordan have her own channel?
  • 6
    Does Audrey have her own channel?

  • 7
    Have they done a Hello Neighbor video on The Family Channel?
  • 8
    Have they done a Sardines game video?
  • 9
    Has Audrey had friends on The Family Channel?
  • 10
    Is their dad bald?

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71 days ago
Audrey Is My Favorite Youtuber I Loved Watching Her She Is Going To BYU And She Goes To Brigham Young University And She Is Fun To Watch My Favorite Youtuber
350 days ago
Hi That Youtub3 Family! I watch you guys nonstop! Ilysm!
359 days ago
Hi that YouTube Family i watch your videos all the time mostly Jordan’s on justjordan33 somehow im getting dreams about all of you all the time hopefully you can come see me in the philippines soon also tell jordan that when I started watching her i got obsessed with the channel and started dreaming about her everytime tell her that even though we never met in irl she’s the kindest most sweetest girl ever by the way she also feels like a big sister to me anyways hope your safe and that the covid ends soon. bye
587 days ago
Hi thatyoutub3family! I love videos and I have subscribed to your channel.
744 days ago
How are you that YouTube family
746 days ago
I love you all especially Jordan Audrey Tyler jake and logan I love your channels please can you check my channel out it is frankie bossybrat
760 days ago
you know there villains movie the doll maker part I HAVE THE DOLL MAKERS NAME ON MY SHOE I was like OMG
777 days ago
I am a pro That Youtub3 Family FAN!!!!!!
i am a little girl, who loves to play pranks on people and i LOVE Claire's store SO much
791 days ago
Sorry I ment Mark's on her face an I ment oh
792 days ago
How congrats Audrey and Spencer on and Abigail is back Audrey and Spencer are dolls jorden has Maddie on her face
808 days ago
I am one of your biggest fans.
835 days ago
HI i am your very very bigest, congradulations audrey and spencer
846 days ago
hi i am your very bigest fan i wach all your new vids my birth day is in 8 days and i was wandering if u cancall me
857 days ago
I am the biggest fan of the best game in the world
872 days ago
And Logan is sooooo cute
872 days ago
I love your videos and I watch you every day Audrey is adventuress ,Jordan is funny ,jake and ty are creative ,Katie is awesome and David is the prankster king 👋🏻 I Loveeeee your videos
877 days ago
I am also 8 years old
877 days ago
I love your videos and I love your dog Logan ( also known as logi
883 days ago
900 days ago
Gg You got me I'm good at quizzes but you got me