How Well Do You Know DanTDM?

I guess you like DanTDM, too, because you're checking out my quiz! So, let's start this off easy for everybody who likes DanTDM, but hasn't been watching him for all that long. Superfans, if you don't slay my quiz, then shame on you! It should be super-easy for longtime fans.

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    Where does he live?
    Where does he live?

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291 days ago
Yeah I too like DanTDM his really good!
338 days ago
DanTDM isnt the same anymore
505 days ago
Lol I love to watch Dantdm
540 days ago
I now it tanks any ways
540 days ago
Hey guys can yuo help me on the first qweston.🙂
549 days ago
Lol I love DanTDM meh mum wants to be with himmmm lolllllll crazy right? He is taken by jemma😍
556 days ago
Dantdm is one of my favourite youtubers!
724 days ago
I love Dantdm soo much best YouTuber
738 days ago
i dont watch Dan much now but i used to love him and i still do and i got them all right which i was most shocked about
739 days ago
I am huge fan dantdm and got all them right.
746 days ago
I'm a big fan of Dantdm he is the best I watch all his videos because I got all of the question s right
789 days ago
Dan I am really a big fan sorry but I got one question wrong. Oh and also if someone believes in biggest fans let them be and if someone doesn't let them be I know everybody can be friends. Have a nice day or night.
806 days ago
I have a question respond your answer
Do you think Australia is fake?
839 days ago
Dan can you do the YouTuber block mod please from you best fan I,v seen all your video.
840 days ago
And if you say theres not biggest fans in the world (for DanTDM ) you must not be a fan of dan
840 days ago
And also there are biggest fans in the world you might not be one of them
840 days ago
Sorry but I have to disagree because I'm DanTDM biggest fan
841 days ago
And maddison there's no such thing as a 'biggest fan' because there's always either someone in front of you or right besides you
853 days ago
i got 100 %! im soooooooooooooooo happy
855 days ago
Daniel sorry but I'm Dan's biggest fan