How Well Do You Know DanTDM?

I guess you like DanTDM, too, because you're checking out my quiz! So, let's start this off easy for everybody who likes DanTDM, but hasn't been watching him for all that long. Superfans, if you don't slay my quiz, then shame on you! It should be super-easy for longtime fans.

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    Where does he live?
    Where does he live?

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1557 days ago
I know for sure that Dan is married. The dantdm in de comments is a FAKE!!!!!
1560 days ago
I GOT THEM ALL I'm a huge fan of dan and I've been watching him for years and I love his videos!
1562 days ago
What about dairce in question 12
1575 days ago
Omg again! its kinda weird that I know this mutch about dan! ( I've done 7 quizzes and got 100% on all of them!?!?!?)
1575 days ago
Why did he not live in USA:(😭
1577 days ago
I like dantdm so much sometimes i like itsfunneh more then him sorry about that ^-^
1581 days ago
I love dantdm I'm Tegan Lynn Walters yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
1581 days ago
1his name is Daniel
2how is he not on Project Zorgo list
3he is married
4this Test is out of date
1583 days ago
hi its me danTDM i love u guys but the one i like the most is ArI
1587 days ago
his name is daniel
1590 days ago
uk daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
1600 days ago
1600 days ago
Dan is weirdly amazing
1618 days ago
I don’t know why people would do a test to see how much they know a person when they might not have been watching his videos for aaaaggeeeesss
1618 days ago
This test is out of date
1620 days ago
dantdm best quiz ever
1620 days ago
I think I know dan and this test is a lie coz dans real name is Daniel
1620 days ago
I know him better than everyone
1621 days ago
1622 days ago
his name is daniel...