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Do You Know The Norris Nuts? Quiz

These folks are definitely my favorite YouTubers - better known as Sabre Sockie and Biggy Naz! I suspect you stan them, too, or why else would you be hanging around my quiz?:-) Try it now to find out if you know the Norris Nuts as well as I do! Consider yourself challenged to a virtual duel!

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    What is Sabre's favorite food?
    What is Sabre's favorite food?

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234 days ago
Guys the reason why the answer is a fish is because this is a old quiz and back then the Norris nuts had a fish and not winky. Btw I got 10 out of 10 correct
543 days ago
I got them all correct
605 days ago
i love the norris nuts and i got all of them correct
993 days ago
So how well do you know the Norris Nuts? You got 7 or 8 answers correct. Not too bad! But just for fun, check out more Norris Nuts, then try the quiz one more time to see if you can get a perfect score! You got this! 😦
1135 days ago
sockie like wgere wally better than harry potter she said