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Do You Know The Norris Nuts? Quiz

These folks are definitely my favorite YouTubers - better known as Sabre Sockie and Biggy Naz! I suspect you stan them, too, or why else would you be hanging around my quiz?:-) Try it now to find out if you know the Norris Nuts as well as I do! Consider yourself challenged to a virtual duel!

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    What is Sabre's favorite food?
    What is Sabre's favorite food?

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79 days ago
yes he won Bronze medal in the swimming not Giold
115 days ago
Yeah I agree with Nat
181 days ago
Justin didn’t place 1st place in the Olympics he won the bronze or 3rd place.
211 days ago
So how well do you know the Norris Nuts? You got 7 or 8 answers correct. Not too bad! But just for fun, check out more Norris Nuts, then try the quiz one more time to see if you can get a perfect score! You got this! 😦
353 days ago
sockie like wgere wally better than harry potter she said