Are you a big fan of the Norris Nuts or not?

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This quiz is about the Norris Nuts. YouTuber who have over 3.3m million subscribers and over 1.billion views. Do you know them as well as you think you do? Find out here.

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    How many Norris nuts are there? As of 2020

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1062 days ago
I am sorry sabre and nazbut I am comfy like sockie
1062 days ago
I love your videos I am a UK legend I really wish to meet you some time
1117 days ago
my favourite colour is red so that's way I chose it so don't get angry at me ok
1132 days ago
Hey legends it’s me sabre I’m going to the hospital with naz tomorrow bc she might have a growing problem a couple of weeks ago we went but it was just to see if she was growing this in is like with forms and stuff fingers crossed she will be ok see us legends #catchMeKnuckles
1133 days ago
Yeah I clicked the correct a Swede and it switched what I put originally😭😭😭😭
1142 days ago
Are you a big fan of the Norris Nuts or not?
You SMASHED THIS QUIZ! You watch them everyday and know practically everything about them.You're a Super Duper Legend! I recommended watching every single one of their videos and subscribing to all their channels with post notifications if you haven't already.

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thi was a great quiz loved it :))))From Izzy
1148 days ago
Omg, Im so sorry, I will be editing the quiz. Sorry for the inconvience.
1207 days ago
You said don't click on the don't click thing or it will affect ur score I didn't and it made it uncorrect
1234 days ago
Hello kitten lover (08976) good quiz just it says Make sure to give this quiz a good rating and comment as it is my first ever quiz! Comment if below if there are any problems and wrong answers in this quiz.(wont affect score). Don't Click the one that says **Don't click me** or it will affect your score!and I dident and it said that don’t click me was the write answer
1350 days ago
1350 days ago
If there is a problem with this quiz on the left there is a link that says write email to KittenLover so if you have anything to say about the quiz ot about the Norris nuts contact me there!
1350 days ago
I've fixed the problem! Please let me know if there are any more problems with this quiz.
1350 days ago
Im so sorry to all of you who've tried this quiz and realize one of the answers is wrong, I will be fixing it asap