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Are you a big fan of the famous YouTube family named "The Norris Nuts"? If so this is the perfect quiz for you, I have a series of questions with answer to prove how much of a legend you are. This quiz is just for the legends (or possibly Norris Nuts) who want to test their knowledge! If for some reason the Norris Nuts were to see this I would like to tell them that they have made a great impact on my life and inspire me so much! I would love to meet them as they met Jemma, but sadly, I am in the UK. After taking this quiz please share to all your legend friends to test how much they know about the amazing Norris Nuts.

  • 1
    Who are the 2 Norris Nuts with stage/YouTube Names?
  • 2
    What was the first video posted on the Norris Nuts main channel? ( still up on channel)
  • 3
    What Was the Norris Nuts Protect Dogs Name?

  • 4
    How much channels do the Norris Nuts Have?
  • 5
    Which Norris Nut Made A Song To Get A Pet?
  • 6
    How Old Was Sabre When She Competed In The X Games?

  • 7
    What Is Norris Nuts Net Worth As Of 2022? ( extra question )
  • 8
    Why Do The Norris Nuts Create Videos?
  • 9
    Which 2 Norris Nuts (out of the kids from Sabre - Naz) don't have tiktok?
  • 10
    Which Norris Nut Got A Bronze Medal In Swimming?

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