TikTok - Do You Know It? Then Show It!

Where the heck did we all go for mobile videos before TikTok? Oh yeah...we went to YouTube. But TikTok is SOOOO much better! If you're on the platform (why else would you be checking this out?), you probably know all there is to know about it. Or do you? Answer these TikTok questions and see how many you get right!

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    Fill in the blank.

    Hit or ____?

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765 days ago
tayy- this was made in early 2019
783 days ago
all of this is from 3 years ago. it said this was made in 2020. um, why is the author of this quiz stuck in 2018?
877 days ago
wait i dont understand this
993 days ago
No it's not better. And we went to musically if anyone even remembers that