How Well Do You Know 2019 Tik Tok songs?

Do you really know the lyrics to the 2019 Tik Tok songs in this quiz? Or have you been fake lip-synching all along? ;-) Try this test and see if you really know them! Or for that matter, if you remember them! Because it's been a while and a LOT has happened in the world. Just choose the correct option out of the choices to finish the lyric.

  • 1
  • 2
    Party party party...
  • 3

  • 4
    Why you so obsessed with me...
  • 5
    Please don’t break my heart...
  • 6
    This could be us...

  • 7
    Kiss kiss kiss!
  • 8
    Let me show ya whatcha missing...
  • 9
    When I went to find my kiwi...
  • 10
    Ooby doo...

  • 11
    I’m gonna cry...

Comments (35)


980 days ago
I don't even go and tiktok that much, just joined this year but I got 9 out of 11
1133 days ago
11/11 I guessed half of em
1170 days ago
9/11 I didn't even go on tiktok that much last year. I'm in it for almost 2 hrs a day now!🤔😐
1213 days ago
1231 days ago
Umm it's for 2019 not 2020
1235 days ago
I love this but some of the songs were from 2018 so can you do one from 2020 please thanks
1287 days ago
This is 2019 quiz but you didn’t pick any of the popular songs!
1336 days ago
Hi this is kinda like 2019 TikTok not new TikTok
1336 days ago
This was rlly fun :)
1336 days ago
Bruh piece of cake sooo easy got 11out of11 btw can u guys follow me on tiktok at Jujy.dayem thx
1339 days ago
Ok so I’m Emily I love TikTok my parents took my phone off me for 3-4 weeks I’m on it that much My best friend looks like charli dmelio and they all call me Dixie even though I have curly hair. I don’t know the dances very well but I know the lyrics off by heart just to meet a member of the hype house is amazing and I just love TikTok all together
1362 days ago
sup I love tiktok and I think I might be addicted to it. AND I OOP...…...
1362 days ago
hey im year 7 and im obsessed with tiktok
1378 days ago
Hey my tik tok is amazing as adapting as hell
1398 days ago
11-11right oh and btw add my tik tok
1402 days ago
wow no wonder i got 11 im addicted as hell
1419 days ago
💝 be like “I got 11 of 11” get a life mofos
1437 days ago
I got 1outof11 omg I'm so happy it's my highest and also I didn't pass my sats in year 6 their I am so happy
1437 days ago
Hi omg I got 11outof11
1438 days ago
11out of 11
i guessed the 2nd to last one