Do You Know Football?

How much do you know about the best sport around- American football?

Question 1:   Which of the following is an NFL team?
Boston Patriots
San Francisco Chargers
Colorado Panthers
Kansas City Braves
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Question 2:   What award is given to the winning Superbowl team and who is it named after?
Madden trophy, after Oakland Raiders coach and NFL broadcaster John Madden
Piccolo award, after inspirational cancer victim Brian Piccolo
Lombardi trophy, after Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi
Lombardi trophy, after New York Giants coach Vince Lombardi

Question 3:   Which of the following players was a quarterback?
John Elway
Deion Sanders
Ty Law
Jerry Rice
Adam Vinatieri

Question 4:   Which was the only team that had an undefeated season in the NFL's history?
New England Patriots (2003)
San Francisco 49ers (1986)
Miami Dolphins (1972)
Buffalo Bills (1992)

Question 5:   The coach of which team is known as "Chuckie" for his foul language on the sidelines?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Oakland Raiders
Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
Philadelphia Eagles

Question 6:   Which was the first team to defy convention and make their entrance onto the field as a team at the Superbowl?
Carolina Panthers (Superbowl XXXVIII)
Miami Dolphins (Superbowl VII)
Saint Louis Rams (Superbowl XXXVI)
New England Patriots (Superbowl XXXVI)

Question 7:   What former quarterback had his own brand of cereal and what charity did it benefit?
Joe Montana for the Jimmy Fund
Dan Marino for the Make-A-Wish Foundation
Doug Flutie for the Doug Flutie Jr Foundation

Question 8:   Which movie is about a college student's obsession with making the Notre Dame football team?
Brian's Song
Any Given Sunday

Question 9:   Which of the following is a 15-yard penalty?
delay of game
intentional grounding
there are no 15-yard penalties
personal foul

Question 10:   What's the maximum amount of points that a team can score on one play?

Question 11:   Who was the youngest quarterback to win two Superbowls?
Joe Namuth
John Elway
Chad Pennington
Tom Brady

Question 12:   What does AFC stand for?
Atlantic Football Conference
All-American Football Conference
Amputee Football Confederation
American Football Conference
Awesome Federation of Croatians

Question 13:   What does NFC stand for?
Northern Football Conference
Nobody Freakin' Cares
National Football Conference
Nicaraguan Festival of Chicken
National Football Confederation

Question 14:   How many "downs" are there?

Question 15:   Which of the following is a defensive position?
Wide receiver

This Quiz has been designed by Jenny.