Prove that you know baseball's RULES and STRATEGIES Quiz

This isn't a trivia quiz! Instead, it measures your "baseball IQ" by testing you on the game's rules and strategies. I've had a lot of people tell me they think baseball is boring, but I think they simply don't understand it well enough to appreciate it. This test is challenging, but fair. There are no trick questions, so if you know baseball really well, you'll ace this quiz. I've played 17 seasons and truly know and love the game. I hope you enjoy taking this test as much as I enjoyed making it. Good, "play ball!"

  • 1
    There are two outs and a runner on third base. The batter hits a ground ball and is thrown out at first. On the play, the runner at third comes home. Does the run count?
    There are two outs and a runner on third base. The batter hits a ground ball and is thrown out at first. On the play, the runner at third comes home.
  • 2
    Which of the following scenarios might allow a batter to safely reach first base without hitting the ball?
  • 3
    It's the bottom of the last inning of a tie game, and there's a runner on third base. A fly ball is hit high in the air straight to the center fielder. What does the runner on third do?

  • 4
    Some players can bat equally well right-handed and left-handed. As they step up to the plate, what most often determines with which hand they will choose to bat?
  • 5
    When are base runners allowed to steal bases?
  • 6
    A fly ball is hit to deep left field. It clears the outfield fence, but bounces off the foul pole and back onto the field. What is the ruling?

  • 7
    Even if they've been told to bunt during their at-bat, players seldom attempt to bunt after two strikes have been called. Why is this?
  • 8
    If there are runners on first and second base and fewer than two outs, any fly ball hit to the infield is automatically ruled as an out. Why is this?
  • 9
    Given the geometry of a baseball diamond and the direction in which the players run the bases, which outfielder(s) would you expect to have the strongest throwing arm(s)?
  • 10
    All right, bottom of the ninth inning, one out, runners on first and third base. Your team is in the field. YOU MUST END THE INNING DURING THIS AT-BAT. A hard ground ball is hit straight to you at shortstop; you field it cleanly. What do you do?

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750 days ago
Five ways a player (not necessarily a batter) can reach first base without hitting the ball:
1. Walk
2. Hit by Pitch
3. Dropped Third Strike
4. Catcher's Interference
5. Pinch Runner
801 days ago
And regarding Question 3, the runner on third base will preserve the option to tag up if there are less than 2 outs but will be running home on contact if there are 2 outs.
801 days ago
Batter is not awarded first base on hit-by-pitch if the pitch would have been a strike, whereas a dropped third strike could result in a batter reaching first base without hitting the ball. Can you name 3 other ways a player can reach first base without hitting the ball?
1123 days ago
What is the correct answer
1257 days ago
for number 2, it says how could you be allowed to get to first safely without hitting the ball, on a drop third strike you aren't safely getting there and 9 times out of ten the runner gets thrown out, but if the batter is beamed, then he safely gets to go to first bases without getting thrown out. it's like a walk... it's a free pass
1368 days ago
I don't really understand the third question. Can someone please explain it to me?
1461 days ago
I got 9/10 (i failed on the strongest throwing arm
1658 days ago
I got 9/10; the infield fly question got me. But at least that’s still 90%. Any lower would’ve been embarrassing considering how much I know and love baseball.
1700 days ago
Good quiz! Lots of fun
2401 days ago
Hi, this was great fun. _Could you please make some more?