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Whether you're most into the strategy, the skill or the showmanship, or prefer the strut and slickness of the pros or the heart and scramble of college hoops, basketball is an awesome sport. Let's face it - not many sounds are as satisfying as the swish of a three-pointer at the final buzzer for a team that's down by two.
Of course, basketball's unsung beauty is how accessible the sport is to almost anyone who wants to play. A ball, two hoops and a reasonable amount of paved space and you're good. Or just one hoop and a ball and you can practice shooting, layups and dunks in your driveway until your arms fall off. Many a basketball star got his or her start in such humble settings.
We love the great sport of basketball. You're here because you do, too, right? This section has close to 100 quizzes on everything basketball, from star players, to how to play, to learning how you shine at the sport in your own way and more.

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