Are you obsessed with Basketball?

Do you often find yourself shouting at the TV during a basketball game? Do you play basketball every moment of your spare time? Find out if you need to take a chill pill! :)

Question 1:Do you play Basketball on a team? (school,college,hometown team)
I wish.
No, B-ball is for sport crazed freaks like you.
Yes and I love it!
What's Basketball?

Question 2:Do you often find yourself shouting at the TV while watching a game?
Yes! Why don't they do what I tell them?!?......Get on her number 5!!
No, they can't hear me so why would I be shouting at them?....freak
What's Basketball?

Question 3:When you play basketball and you loose, do you go home and cry or scream all night about it?
Whadda ya mean, loose?
Yes of course! They FOULED ME MAN!
What's Basketball?

Question 4:Do you own more than one poster or book of a famous b-ball star??
yup! 25 to be exact!
What's basketball?
Yes. But it's none of your business how many....I like bball posters....

Question 5:Do you know what a lay-up is?
Does it matter?

Question 6:What is a play?
It's when you go outside and play hopscotch......
I like cheese.
Does it matter?

Question 7:Do you watch more than 2 b-ball games a week?
Does it matter?
I can't live without it!
I watch 80,550 a month!

Question 8:Do you know the difference between an A team and a B team?
One comes before the other????
Does it matter?
Ones an A and ones a B

Question 9:What do you dream about?
Chasing Basketballs in Basketball world!
Does it matter?
Winning MVP on my high school team!
I don't do dreams.

Question 10:How much do you love basket ball?
I don't.
So much I'd give up cheese!
It's not my favorite thing in the world.

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