True NBA Basketball Fan

If you think that you know everything about NBA basketball, then try this quiz! There are a lot questions relating to whether you know enough about the NBA players and coach! Try it!

Question 1:   Which basketball player was voted as MVP in the year of 2002?
Peja Stojakovic
Tim Duncan
Derek Fisher
Shaquielle O'Neal

Question 2:   Which basketball team had the best record for the West in the year of 2002?
San Antonio Spurs
Dallas Mavericks
Sacramento Kings
Los Angeles Lakers
Houston Rockets

Question 3:   Which basketball player has the highest percentage of 3 point field goal in 2003?
Allen Iverson
Steve Nash
Anthony Peeler
Kobe Bryant
Peja Stojakovic

Question 4:   Which basketball team coach has appeared in the playoffs the most?
Phil Jackson
Don Nelson
Rick Adelman
Gavin Maloof
Mark Gabbon

Question 5:   Who has the highest free throw percentage in the NBA in 2003?
Kobe Bryant
Kevin Garnett
Allen Iverson
Peja Stojakovic
Sam Cassil

Question 6:   Who is number 3 in the 76ers?
Gerald Wallace
John Stockton
Allen Iverson
Sam Cassil
Hedo Trukoglu

Question 7:   Who is number 13 in the Kings?
Doug Christie
Steve Nash
Michael Jordan
Mike Bibby
Derek Fisher

Question 8:   What can a coach, owner, or basketball player get if they cuss?
flagrant foul
technical foul

Question 9:   How many free throws can a player get if they get fouled and make a two point shot?
i have no idea?

Question 10:   How many basketball player can there be in a team?
20 or 21
13 or 14
5 or 6
10 or 11
14 or 15

Question 11:   What do call a person who guards someone?

Question 12:   Who gets to sit in the very front row in the arena?
rich people
smart people
famous people
players, coach, & owner

Question 13:   Who is voted as best rookie of the year for 2003?
Daniel Howard
Allen Iverson
Lebron James
Yao Ming
Kevin Garnett

Question 14:   Which team was the best in the East for the year of 2003?
New York Knicks
Boston Celtics
New Jersey Nets
Portland Trail Blazers
Indiana Pacers

Question 15:   Which team won best sports team in the year of 2003?
Milwakee Bucks
Los Angeles Lakers
New York Knicks
Miami Heat
Sacramento Kings

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