Are You in Love With Allen Iverson?
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Are You in Love With Allen Iverson?

Yes, he's the best player on the Philadelphia 76ers, the top scorer in the NBA, and extremely gorgeous! much do you really love him?

Question 1:   How many Sixer's games have you watched on TV, just to see AI?
I watch most games, but sometimes forget
I watch every game that is shown on TV
I watch some games, but usually forget they're on.
I hardly ever watch any games.

Question 2:   How many pictures of AI do you have up? (in a frame, in your locker, posters...)
One, maybe two
At least 20
About 6 or 7
About 11 or 12

Question 3:   Do any of your screen names include the words "Allen Iverson", "AI", " the answer"...etc?
My screen names, but not my email
Neither my email or screen names
My email, but not any of my screen names
Yes, my email address and all of my screen names

Question 4:   Do you like to shop at sports Sports Authority, Olympia Sports...etc?
Yes, for a little while
Yes, I love looking at the Iverson jersey's and other Sixer's fan gear. I could spend hours looking around at things
Not really

Question 5:   How do you feel when you see AI on TV?
I think.."he's very nice looking"
I think..." yeah he's a pretty good basketball player"
I don't really feel anything.
My heart starts beating faster, and I feel all happy and excited

Question 6:   How would you feel if you were going to see a Sixer's game, just to see AI, and he was injured and couldn't play?
I would be pretty upset
I wouldn't mind too much
I would be EXTREMELY disappointed, but I would still go.. maybe I'll see him sitting on the bench:)
It wouldn't bother me at all

Question 7:   What color jersey do you think AI looks best in?
I don't notice.
I don't really pay attention to him.
Either white or red.
Either blue or black.

Question 8:   Who is your favorite player...besides Iverson?
Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, or Carmelo Anthony
none of them
Eric Snow or Kenny Thomas
Ben Wallace, Paul Pierce, LeBron James, or Jason Kidd

Question 9:   Do you think Iverson is a criminal?
Yes definitely
Yeah he kind of is
No, he made some mistakes but he has changed for the better
Not really, but did do something bad

Question 10:   What would you do if you met him?
I would shake his hand
I would be like, whatever.
I would get his autograph
I would probably pass out

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