How Much Do You Know About Dance?

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I have been a dancer since I was three. I love it and I know quite a bit. This year, I finally got to do pointe, and I was super excited! Whether you are a professional dancer, you attend dance classes, or you just dance for fun on your own, then this quiz is for you!

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    First of all, which of these is NOT a style of dance?

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229 days ago
I got 10/10 and I’ve danced since I was two and I’m 11 now.
510 days ago
I got 9/10… I’ve danced all of my life tho!! I only got the one about parallel second wrong..
1284 days ago
9/10, pretty good considering I started dance a month ago
1471 days ago
That Vienna pretty good for someone who never danced sing shower basically sing songs every night order unlike people sing until showering shower till done singing songs added playlist longer the showers will take. run 45 minutes dances lyrical personal favourite pointe ballet jazz tap recital brother trying talent show family supposed where been jazz castle hill tap also choreograph dance to the song heaven a super cute finals with my brother to the song chained to the rhythm and the style is jazz sorry that was a lot of information thx for taking the quiz.
1569 days ago
Yeah I shower until I'm done singing too! 😂
1571 days ago
That's pretty good for someone who has never danced before. I sing in the shower, I basically sing the same songs every night in a different order. Unlike most people, who sing until they're done showering, I shower till I'm done singing. So the more songs that get added to the playlist, the longer the showers will take. As of rn, they take about 45 minutes. For dances, I do lyrical (my personal favorite) pointe/ballet, jazz, and tap. For the recital we're doing the songs "The Hanging Tree" for the hunger games for lyrical, "Feels like Home" from my sister's keeper for pointe, Where have you been for jazz, and Castle on the Hill for tap. I also love to choreograph my own dances and my brother and I are trying to put on a talent show for our family, it was supposed to be Memorial Day weekend but things were busy, and I have choreographed a lyrical dance to the song Down , a pointe dance to the song Heaven and a SUPER cute finale with my brother to the song "Chained to the Rhythm" and the style is jazz. Sorry that was A LOT of information!!! Thx for taking the quiz!!!
1574 days ago
There was supposed to be a space between "LOVE" and "the" I hate when it does that.
1574 days ago
I've never danced before lol I sing for fun sometimes though.
Mostly to the Lego Movie 2 songs; I absolutely LOVE the song "Not Evil"!!!
Well I technically know some things about ballet but I mostly guessed all of them...
Hey Piano Keys what dances do you do?