What Level Are You In Gymnastics?

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I am 12 years old and I am an elite gymnast, I started gymnastic when I was 3 and since then I have been inseparable from it! I am extremely flexible and right now I am doing artistic gymnastics, by now your probably getting bored so take this quiz to determine what level you are in gymnastics!

  • 1
    What age are you right now?
  • 2
    What age were you when you started gymnastics?
  • 3
    How many days a week do you go to gymnastics club?

  • 4
    What aperatus do you train on the most?
  • 5
    How much effort do you put into your gymnastics training?
  • 6
    Which move, on floor, seems the hardest to you?

  • 7
    Where abouts on your body are you most flexible?
  • 8
    How many gymnastics competitions have you competed in?
  • 9
    How determined are you to work on a routine and get it right?
  • 10
    This doesn't really concern gymnastics but how much did you enjoy this quiz?

Comments (130)


127 days ago
It said I was an 6,7 but im a lv.5 aka xcel silver trying out for gold!! Im 10 btw these are my skills:
floor: cartwheel, hand stand, roundoff, round off back hand spring, front walk over, back walk over, round off back tuck!! On air track
Vault: round off, round off on table, and front hand spring,
Bars: basicly kip , jump to high bar, long hang pullover(aka baby giant), backhip+double back hip
Beam: handstand, backwards roll, front roll, front walk over low beam, back walk over on mid beam Arial of the beam!!
250 days ago
I'm an 11 year old girl and I go to gymnastics twice a week. It said I'm a level 6-7 but think that I'm more of a 3-4 because these are the hardest things can do on each event. Floor: round off backhand. Beam: full turn, and a back tuck dismount. Bars: A lightly spotted kip. Tramp: Front full. Vault: round off.
263 days ago
This was right about my level. I loved this quiz so so so so so much.
333 days ago
I been n gymnastics for 3 years and im really good at it.
342 days ago
I can do more advanced skills than a normal xcel bronze gymnast.
Floor:rounds off backhandspring backhandspring.
Beam:full turn on one foot, and handstand
Bars: kip, and a straddle under shoot
Vault: front hand spring
342 days ago
I'm in xcel bronze.It said level 6 or 7! By the way,does anybody else go to High Point Gymnastics Academy?
429 days ago
It said i was a level 6-7 but im a level 2 lol! but im practicing my back handspring and back walkovers are rlly not too bad ( just learned it )
533 days ago
I am 10 and I’ve mist gymnastics so I won’t to go back
584 days ago
i got a level 6-7 to me i am probably a level 2 in gymnastics i am a 9 year old girl ,72 pound i can do a split a cartwheel a 3 second handstand a round of and a back bend and a cartwheel block and i can do a one handed cartwheel so i think i am a level three in gymnastics instead.
609 days ago
I am in xcel silver, and I got level 6 or 7
859 days ago
I would be on level 7 to 8, yet I'm a professional, 67 pound, ten year old acrobat.
880 days ago
I don't go to gymnastics but I want to I would be on level 4 or 5
916 days ago
Does anyone here go to summit gymnastics in Fort Wayne Indiana?
978 days ago
I am also 9 years old
978 days ago
I got level 4-5 but I haven't even started gymnastics! I can do a handstand on the bars, a 95 degrees flip on bars, a handstand, an arabesque, a roll and of course the bridge
1093 days ago
It said I was Elite, but I am an excel gold gymnast.

These are my best skills.

Floor: back handspring back layout 1/2

Beam: back & front walkover and back handspring on medium beam

Bars: kip, cast to handstand, long hang kip, mini giant from handstand

Vault: Roundoff 1/2 twist
1221 days ago
im lulu's friend and the test was amazing but I failed my cheerleading test im onlying 40% lulu said hi kaity bye tell me bye.
1249 days ago
I can handstand too but I don't really talk about that because I broke a bone doing it in 2019
1249 days ago
I'm pretty basic but better than a lot of my friends I've never been able to do official gymnastics, so I end up doing cartwheels and bridges. I am good on a balance beam but I've not been on one in awhile. I can do cool trampoline flips, I'm also really flexible. If I had the chance I could probably do the uneven bars because I can almost 360 on the monkey bars. I got 6-7
1309 days ago
I am level 1(really basic)I am 13 and I only have a yoga mat and floor beam. And I am not aloud a gymnastics bar for home. I don't go to clubs. I am trying to be a self-taught gymnast.I know I can't do a handstand and cartwheel.