What Level Are You In Gymnastics?

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I am 12 years old and I am an elite gymnast, I started gymnastic when I was 3 and since then I have been inseparable from it! I am extremely flexible and right now I am doing artistic gymnastics, by now your probably getting bored so take this quiz to determine what level you are in gymnastics!

  • 1
    What age are you right now?
  • 2
    What age were you when you started gymnastics?
  • 3
    How many days a week do you go to gymnastics club?

  • 4
    What aperatus do you train on the most?
  • 5
    How much effort do you put into your gymnastics training?
  • 6
    Which move, on floor, seems the hardest to you?

  • 7
    Where abouts on your body are you most flexible?
  • 8
    How many gymnastics competitions have you competed in?
  • 9
    How determined are you to work on a routine and get it right?
  • 10
    This doesn't really concern gymnastics but how much did you enjoy this quiz?

Comments (128)


1619 days ago
Emily I don't like you your rude.
What if the kid who made this read that what would they say? just remember ill be back.
1626 days ago
I am level 6 training 7 and mine said elite
1639 days ago
It said I was 6 or 7 when I'm only 2 or 3!
1645 days ago
I am training level 4 and5 but it said 6 or 7. I have one or two level 6 skills so close enough
1666 days ago
Emily that is going to make like everyone offended. you are very rude saying you don't even care?! anyways, i got level six or seven. the quiz questions don't seem like they could even get your level. but really im level 4 and i dont compete.....
1669 days ago
im happy wwow wow wow
1669 days ago
i am level 3 but they say im 6?
1669 days ago
i think i am low let me find out
1695 days ago

According to the things you have told me; you would be in level 1,2 or maybe 3. Most likely 1,2 though. I am a competitive level 3 gymnast
1696 days ago
very accurate 6 or 7
1696 days ago
Very innaccurate. I think i spelt that wrong . I have a kip, (70% of the time) I am competing level 3, (even though I have almost all level 4 skills and some 5 skills) and it said level 6 or 7☹️☹️
1697 days ago
I got dared to do this stupid test
1697 days ago
gymnastics is the WORST sport ever invented, and I don't care if I offended anyone :-( :-(
1699 days ago
It said I would be elite but I am level 9 training level 10
1699 days ago
I am a self taught gymnast and I can do a back hand spring and it said i am a level 6 or 7
1699 days ago
6 or 7 im actually level 2
1700 days ago
4 or 5? WHAT?! I've never even done gymnastics! I only know how to do cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, bridges, backbends (nearly there), front handsprings (on the trampoline), and handstand into bridge. I run track and cross country (I LOVE RUNNING), and I don't do gymnastics, which is fun but not my thing. Is 4 or 5 good? I don't even know! Someone please tell me!
1704 days ago
I’m level 4 but they say I’m 6 or 7 🤩
1708 days ago
Elite Gymnast! Yeah, heading for the olympics!!!!
1732 days ago
It said 6 or 7 but I’m actually level 3 and self-taught.