Storm Hockey Quiz
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Storm Hockey Quiz

Think you know everything bout the Storm???? Take the quiz to see how much you really know, and above all have fun!

Question 1:What 2 goalies have Shutouts this season?
Crawford-West and Mapes
Mapes and Aarnio
Aarnio Only
Crawford-West and Aarnio
Crawford-West Only

Question 2:Which Goalie had the longest win streak?

Question 3:Konrad Reeder and Bille Luger both went to what college?
University of Minnesota-Mankato
University of Michigan
Merrimack College
St. Cloud

Question 4:Who is the sponsor of the jersey auctions?
Carlos O Kellys
Kearney Yamaha
Skeeter Barnes
United Way

Question 5:Who gives the fans free food if they score 5 or more goals at home???
Pizza Hut
Burger King
Texas T-bone

Question 6:Bliss Littler is going to be the new Storm coach, but what team was he with before the Storm?
Lincoln Stars
Sioux Falls Stampede
Topeka Scarecrows
River City Lancers
Green Bay Gamblers

Question 7:Which team members are 3 year veterans?
Matt Scherer and Chris Nathe
Chad Anderson and Matt Scherer
Chad Anderson and David Boguslawski
Chad Anderson, Matt Scherer and Chris Nathe
None of them have been 3 year veterans

Question 8:Who sponsors the 4th period post game show after the home games?
Skeeter Barnes
Chicken Coop
Little Ceasers

Question 9:Where is Hockey Talk held?
Ballz Sports Cafe, Margarita Petes, Maxwell's Live
Margarita Petes and Maxwell's Live
Ballz Sports Cafe and Margarita Petes
Elephants Eye

Question 10:Who's the arena announcer?
Mike Broderson
Dave Schmitt
Jason Porter
Patty Mollring
Randy Buschkoetter

Question 11:Who had the longest point streak and how many games?
Konrad Reeder-8 games
Corbin Schmidt-3 Games
Kyle Worner-10 games
Brad Thompson-9 games
Mark Pohl-7 games

Question 12:Which Goaltender was from Graz, Austria?
Josh Hooyer
Bill Zaniboni
Bernd Bruckler
Brandon Crawford-West
Eric Young

Question 13:Who holds a team record and league record for fastest 2 goals?
Konrad Reeder
Scott Parse
Bryan Schmidt
Bobby Robins
Paul Kelly

Question 14:Who has the most goals in a season?
Scott Parse
Bill Thomas
Corbin Schmidt
Konrad Reeder
Jon Hart

Question 15:Which goalie has the most penalty minutes for a game?
Josh Hooyer
Noah Ruden
Larry Sterling
Bill Zaniboni
Eric Young

Question 16:Which two families have had two family members play for the storm?
Hart and Parse
Romfo and Boudreau
Schuman Only
Pohl Only
Schuman and Pohl

Question 17:Which Storm player has the most penalty minutes in a season?
Konrad Reeder
Bobby Robins
Paul Kelly
Brad Thompson
Jon Hart

Question 18:Who has the longest goal scoring streak?
Mark Pohl-2 games
Konrad Reeder-6 games
Derek Boudreau-4 games
Corbin Schmidt-5 games
Scott Romfo-5 games

Question 19:Which goaltender has the most assists?
Jake Schuman
Jake Schuman and Bernd Bruckler
Josh Hooyer
Noah Ruden
Bernd Bruckler

Question 20:Which goaltender has the most penalty minutes for a season?
Jake Schuman
Eric Young
Larry Sterling
Noah Ruden
Casey Mapes

This Quiz has been designed by Jenny.