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Go Kart

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Go kart riles and flag

  • 1
    Flag: National Flag?
  • 2
    Flag: Green with Yellow Chevron (Downward V-shape)
  • 3
    Flag: Red and white Chequred?

  • 4
    Rules: Driver's Briefing
  • 5
    Rules: What do you do when you DNF and are taken back to the pits via a vehicle
  • 6
    Rules: Safety apparel

  • 7
    Rules: When involved in a incident and unable to get your kart back on in 15 sec, you?
  • 8
    Rules: When in a incident and turn around you?
  • 9
    Flags: Yellow flag
  • 10
    Flag: Green Flag

  • 11
    Flag: Blue Flag?
  • 12
    Flag: Red Flag?
  • 13
    Flag: Yellow with Red Stripes (vertical)?
  • 14
    Rules: Ducking Head
  • 15
    Rules: Driver's shaking hands/ touching while driving
  • 16
    Rules: Stopping/ Stalling on the track

  • 17
    Flag: Blue and Red Double Diagonal, with kart number
  • 18
    Flag: Black and White with Diagonal join, with karts number
  • 19
    Flag: Black Flag, with kart number
  • 20
    Flag: Black and Orange Disc, with kart number:

  • 21
    Rule: If for any reason you have to come to a stop you are to?
  • 22
    Rule: No person is to approach your kart when it has stalled or crashed until the race has finished, True or False
  • 23
    Rules: When kart is stalled you or the officials must?
  • 24
    Rules: While qualifying or doing warm up laps weaving is permitted, True or False
  • 25
    Flag: White Flag or "LL" sign?
  • 26
    Flag: Black and White Chequered Flag?

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2097 days ago
heyo this is my 1st time doing this quiz