MSK4-Sports-Nutrition Infection and Drugs

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    Supplements are regulated by the Canadian Food and Drugs Act.
  • 2
    If you are unsure about the contents of a supplement, you can contact the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport who can confirm if a prohibited substance is contained within the supplement.
  • 3
    Research indicates that long term vegetarianism is associated with decreased athletic performance.

  • 4
    The "female athlete triad" refers to which three conditions/ symptoms?
  • 5
    Losing as little as ___ of body weight via sweat can impair performance.
  • 6
    Heat syncope is a medical emergency.

  • 7
    Which statement is true?
  • 8
    Sports drinks are generally beneficial
  • 9
    Recommended composition of sports drinks is:
  • 10
    True or false: athletes have a higher risk of iron depletion.

  • 11
    Which of the following delays muscle fatigue and enhances recovery but is commonly associated with weight gain?
  • 12
    In general, vitamin supplements are recommended for athletes.
  • 13
    Which of these sports would you most expect to see boils in?
  • 14
    Which of these sports would you must expect to see folliculitis in?
  • 15
    Which of these sports would you most expect to see external otitis in?
  • 16
    For athletic wound care, you want to keep the wound area environment

  • 17
    Swimmer's ear can involve fungus or bacteria invasion.
  • 18
    Q- tips are recommended to keep the ear clean and prevent infection.
  • 19
    Which organ is enlarged in an athlete with a mononucleosis infection?
  • 20
    Kehr's Sign describes:

  • 21
    Risk of HIV infection is high in sports.
  • 22
    MRSA is prevalent in sport.
  • 23
    Which athlete would be MOST at risk of having MSRA based on this information alone.
  • 24
    Showering immediately after participation is one strategy to reduce the spread of MRSA.
  • 25
    Athletes should allow wounds to stay open to heal.
  • 26
    For a substance or method to make the prohibited list: it has to meet __ of the following criteria: violates spirit of sport, presents an actual or potential health risk, enhances performance.

  • 27
    Which of the following would definitely NOT be considered a prohibited substance?
  • 28
    Barbituates generally:
  • 29
  • 30
    Luteinizing hormone is used to build muscle mass.

  • 31
    Jaundice is a side effect of:
  • 32
    Mononucleosis is caused by:
  • 33
    A Staphylococcal, sebaceous gland absess is also called:
  • 34
    Clostebol is an example of a(n)
  • 35
    WADA stands for:

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