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How Much Do You Know About Songahm Taekwondo? (Difficult)

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This quiz will test your knowledge of Songahm taekwondo, or ATA Martial Arts!
This quiz refers to Songahm taekwondo only, so if you do a different kind of taekwondo or any martial art, really, then this may not be relevant for you.
These are up to black-red belt level questions, and if you're that rank or above, or in the Leadership and/or Legacy programs, you probably should know the answers to these questions.
--The Dancing Minstrel (or the Ninja Minstrel)

  • 1
    We'll start off fairly easy, friends: which of these moves is NOT in the form Songahm 1?
  • 2
    What two board breaks are the ones white belts are most likely to train to do at testing?
  • 3
    Which of these is even a possible board break!
    (Although, you might very well be awesome enough to do ALL of these, in which case, just pick the one most people can do.)

  • 4
    At what height are most of the hand techniques in Songahm 3?
  • 5
    How many kicks are in Songahm 4?
  • 6
    In Wha 1 is what color belt form?

  • 7
    In Wha 2 is known for its _____.
    Fill in the blank!
  • 8
    Choong Jung 1 and 2 are ____.
  • 9
    When was the American Taekwondo Association (now known as ATA Martial Arts) created, and by whom?
    (Don't look it up or your downgraded to white belt! Just kidding! But DON'T look it up!)
  • 10
    What nationality does taekwondo orginate from? (DON'T LOOK IT UP!)

  • 11
    And finally, what was the founder of ATA's favorite color?

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Attention! I accidentally made two of these tests, but please take the other one (it has better questions)
1083 days ago
I appreciate comments, fellow ninjas. Or not-ninjas, it doesn't matter who comments. 🐱‍👤