How Obsessed with Sarah Hughes are You?
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How Obsessed with Sarah Hughes are You?

How obsessed with Sarah Hughes are you? Do you spend every waking hour thinking about her? Or could you not care less if she just disappeared from the face of the earth and was never heard from again? Find out in this short quiz: How Obsessed with Sarah Hughes are You?

Question 1:How obsessed with her do you think you are?
Not at all
Maybe a little

Question 2:What would be an ideal birthday present for you?
A letter from Sarah with her signature at the bottom
A chance to skate with Sarah
All of the above
None of the above

Question 3:You've had a busy day at work/school and you have a lot to do this evening. The first thing you do when you get home is:
Go to the bathroom.
Go online to do research on Sarah.
Sorry, work's the priority. I'll go online when I'm done.
Work really hard - no time to go online tonight.

Question 4:How much would you pay for Sarah's autograph?
Pay? Are you nuts?
$100 or more

Question 5:Which of the following seems most appealing to you?
To watch Sarah Hughes and some other great skaters on TV.
To be able to spend a full day with Sarah.
To be Sarah's best friend.
None of the above.

Question 6:You're in the middle of a really boring class/meeting. You:
Pull out your laptop and go into a Sarah Hughes chatroom.
Daydream about having a conversation with Sarah.
You vaguely wonder what Sarah Hughes is doing at the same moment.
Try very hard to pay attention.

Question 7:You see Sarah Hughes across the street. You:
Dash across immediately. So what if you could get hit by a car? That's SARAH HUGHES across the street!
You're too shy to approach her so you just stare from afar.
You can't recognize her. Why should you know what Sarah Hughes looks like?

Question 8:What do you admire most about Sarah?
She's an Olympic gold medallist.
She's a straight-A student.
She's got a great personality.
All of the above. (She's just perfect in every way!)

Question 9:If you could ask Sarah ONE question, what would it be?
Can I have your autograph?
What's your e-mail address? (You plan on sending her mail every day.)
Do you mind if I create a religion where you're God?
You've met some pretty famous people. What were they like?

Question 10:Why do you enjoy skating?
Because Sarah Hughes does and I want to be just like her.
Because it's fun.
Who knows? Sarah might be at the rink...
You don't.

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